The Journey of the Pathfinder

The Journey of the Pathfinder

Elvis Iverson

Pathfinders are few in number, you don’t fine many pathfinders in one area, there may be one or two in a nation, and other nations will have no pathfinders, yes this is a generation of pathfinders, but they are few in number and they work is not easy, only through grace they will break forth. –(Isa. 62:10)

The journey of a pathfinder is a journey of patience, the LORD does a work of patience in them, and they are called to a work of patience. If they are called to more then one work of patience, then they will have even longer journey of patience. –(Heb. 6:12)

The journey of a pathfinder is hard, it is not an easy one, it is not a favor calling, and they have to endure hardness through much of their journey. –(2 Cor. 6:1-10)

The journey of a pathfinder is suffering; the journey of suffering is apart of their journey, much suffering throughout much of their journey. –(2 Cor. 11:22-33)

The journey of a pathfinder is one of rejection; they go through much rejection throughout their journey as a pathfinder. –(Matt. 23:34-35)

The journey of a pathfinder is one of solitary; the journey of lonesome is much of their journey, alone, alone is much of their time, they don’t say one day I love to be a loner, instead they follow the leading of the Lord in the journey of the Pathfinder. –(Jn. 15:18-25)

The journey of a pathfinder is setbacks, delays, and hindrances, they faces these more then a few times, more times then what is normal people could put up with. –(Matt. 10:5-16)

Pathfinders hear the Holy Spirit on the journey of path fining, they see a vision that is not yet in our realty, and some people say this day of visionaries are over, without visionaries the world will never move forth. –(Prov. 29:18)

Pathfinders hear God where others don’t hear God, and for this reason great is their reward, God is faithful, and they will reap much, they will be very fruitful, and they will see their vision fulfill. Pathfinders go before us, making a new road in the Spirit that will one day become a highway, for many to flow upon and enjoy the labors of the pathfinders that have gone long before us. –(Heb. 6:10)

Copyright © 2008 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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