Emerging City Church part 11

Emerging City Church part 11

Elvis Iverson
April 8, 2007

I see a vision of prophetic intercessors making intercession for the lost and supplication for the church. They are praying for the fulfillment of Revelation 22:17: “And the Spirit and the bride say, come! And let him who hears say, come! And let him who thirsts come. Whomever desires let him take the water of life freely.” These prophetic intercessors are called the Anna intercessors that will serve God with fasting and prayers night and day.

I see a vision of prophets coming forth they are prophets like the John the Baptist, they minister international, global, and city wide, all there prophecy come to pass, there are signs and wonders that come from there ministry. They write book after book, however they are humbly and meek, walking in the order of church government. These prophets are like John the Baptist called to preach repentance and prepare the way; they are like Samuel the prophet called to bring reformation, and restoration of the house of God, called to bring wisdom to the church. They are like Agabus the prophet who promotes compassion and mercy in the church, and they are like Isaiah the prophet who spoke prophetic words in the future and who has authority in the prophetic, and they all there words will come to pass.

Now I see a vision of kings that will come forth in the earth, there are kings that come through the ministry of the modern ministry of John the Baptist, and there are kings that come through the ministry of the apostles. They kings are business kings, money kings, and marketplace kings.

Now I see apostles coming forth and they minister around the world, and the beginning of the fulfillment of Hebrews 12:25-29 will begin in them, they have been giving The Heavenly Voice that shall shake this world.

Now I see from the ministry of the apostles come forth from their seed a holy army of workplace ministers/kings that will minister in the workplace and minister in the marketplace all over the world.

Now I see the vision of Antioch, the vision of Antioch is both the vision of the City Church, the Marketplace church, and the Apostolic Church. Apostolic Antioch Churches come forth, and Antioch Cities come forth, and Antioch City Churches come forth, and Antioch Business and Workplace Centers come forth.

Now I see the finger of the Lord pointing to the Middle East. The Kingdom of God will come to the Middle East, the nations and cities will be changed, the church of Israel and the church of Jerusalem shall be reborn, a company of Jewish apostles and Jewish prophets will arise all over the world, and in the land of Promise. When you see the Church of Israel Arise and the Church of Jerusalem arise, watch for peace will come to the Middle East.

Peace will come through the Jewish people returning to their Lord, the arise of the Church of Israel and Jerusalem, the alliance between Iraq, Egypt, and Israel, the wealth of the Wicked flowing through Israel, and through the church, and the church in the workplace, a great holy revival that come forth from Israel that will cover the whole world, the restoration and unity between the church and Israel.

The spirit of Islam is dieing and coming to an end, The Lord has called the nations to war against this spirit, and He has called the church to war against the Islam spirit. The wealth of the world that flows through the Islam world will come to an end, and flow through the church in the workplace and the Israel, and from their blessings the world and banks will flow with overflowing wealth that will restore all nations.

It is through the power of prayer that this battle and war against the spirit of Islam will be won, and the Middle East Nations will become the nations of Abraham and of the faith of Abraham, and the Lord will heal their lands and restores them.

Apart from that, see the vision of the city church; hear what the Holy Spirit is saying unto the church around the world!

I see a vision of the city church in ten years from now! I see a person from the future saying I am from the future when the apostolic unity came alive and the city church moves forth to the next level. There will be many cities where apostolic unity will come, and we will enter into the fullness of apostolic unity, in many cities will the city church is will enter into apostolic unity, revivals will be flowing like rivers and rains, and the glory of the Lord will rest upon these city churches, and social transformation will come to each of they cities and marketplace will be is full of wealth.

I see a vision of the city church years after the one I just seen after ten years from now! I see the vision of the city church big and huge in eyes of many in the church, the city church has grown in many, many cities around the world. Unity is overflowing, and compassion is everywhere. Apostles and prophets minister from city church to city church, and they have been revival for many years, and we have begun to forget the times we lived without revival. There are many books written about the city church, and many study the city church from the world, they say it is social revolution of radical change that seems never to end. There is sweeping changes is change many cities and many nations around the world.

I see a vision of the city church years after the second vision I seen of the city church. I see the Apostolic Church is the great church throughout the world, reformation fire is everywhere in the church, the city church is greater then the apostolic church, and the city church is so huge, that many cities have grown in size to hold the city church within them. Now I see a vision of the marketplace Church full of wealth and great and mighty, all wealth flows through the Marketplace Church, there are certain center market cities that are set apart and from them all wealth flow to all nations and cities, each of these center market cities are full of the city church and they are center market cities are centers for the marketplace church around the world. I see from these cities healing wisdom, and healing wealth heals all nations that come in unity and love with the people of God.

These three visions of the city church will happen in my lifetime. The first will happen soon, and we will see the fruits of it after ten years from now, and the second comes after years of city church growth, and then the third vision is the city church in my latter days, however this is only the beginning the city church for it will grow, and grow unto the mature city church, which is in the end times. The city church will grow beyond our time, to the end of days, and beginning of the new days at the return of Christ.

The emerging city church is the level of city church that is about to come in a few years, for it has already begun in our hearts and acts of faith.

The emerging city church apart of it will be a restoration of gates and walls the gates are praise and walls are salvation. The Lord is restoring spiritual gates and spiritual walls to the city church. No more shall our cities or the city church be a city of confusion, instead a city of the peace of God, the judges shall be restored, the workplace apostles, and the counselors shall be restored which is the church apostles, and our cities and city church shall be called the city of righteousness, the faithful city.

Copyright © 2007 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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