The Constitution of the City Church

The Constitution of the City Church

Elvis Iverson

We are in the day of the rise of the modern day city church; there is only one church in a city that church is called the city church. With the raise of the restoration and maturing and the next wave of apostles will come the raise of the new apostolic city church!

We are going from pastoral unity to apostolic unity, apostolic unity is unity with vision and purpose and it unity that led by apostles.

We are going from the pastoral city church to the apostolic city church that will be new apostolic city church centers led by city church apostles and apostles.

A city church is a horizontal network of apostolic Congregations and fellowships with a center for city wide ministry.

From the rise of the modern day city church the new apostolic city church, the new apostolic city centers will come unto in generations to come a mature city church.

We must understand the apostolic and the ministry of the apostle; we must open hearts and minds toward today modern apostles, and next wave apostles and future waves of apostles.

City churches apostles come from territorial apostles, and they could be more than one city church apostle in a city church center, there could be more than one city church center in the church of the city, and must be in unity and work together. The city church apostles are called minister to the churches of a city and then minister and led as group in a city church center.

Again let me say this again, there is only one church in a city, that church is called the city church, and there could be more than one city church center, with each city church center their networks of churches and ministries.

The church of the city is every believer, the city church is the church coming together, and the city church centers are the home bases of the city church.

1.What is the City Church: The city church is the church of the city coming together in unity among the union of Christ.

2.What are city church centers: City church centers center for city wide ministry, and home to city church networks.

1.What is City Church Networks: City Church Networks are horizontal networks within a city.

1.The appointment of city church apostles: these seasonal apostles and mature apostles that appoint by the apostles within the city that gather together, city church apostles come from territorial apostles.

1.What does the City Church believe in:

The Common Ground of the Apostolic Church:

•Three Absolutes of Scriptures:

1.The Bible is true and normative. It is the absolute authority for faith and practice.
2.Jesus Christ is God and Lord.
3.An individual’s personal relationship with Jesus Christ makes the difference between heaven and hell.

•Three Moral Nonnegotiables:

1.Human life begins at conception.

2.Homosexuality is sin against God.

3.Extramarital heterosexual relationships are also sin.

•The Great Commission.

•Compassion to the poor.

•The Church in the Workplace.

•Spiritual gifts.


•The Body of Christ.

•The City Church.

•The Ministry of the Holy Spirit.

•The Ministry of Apostles.

•The Ministry of Prophets.

1.The City Church Center is a center for:

•Prayer Center.

•Outreach Center.

•Feeding Center.

•City Wide Ministry.

•Apostolic teaching and preaching.

•Prophetic teaching and preaching.

•Gathering of prophets and prophetic people.

•Revival Center.

•Visiting ministers.

•Ministering to the Body of Christ.

1.Workplace apostles and workplace believers will gather and minister to the city beginning at the city church center.

Copyright © 2014 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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