Emerging City Church part ten

Emerging City Church part ten

Elvis Iverson
April 1, 2007

The Holy Spirit hovers over the city church in all cities, the Hoy Spirit hovers over all cities, and the Holy Spirit hovers over all hearts in Christ. He is hovering over your heart as this prophecy comes forth.

I see a vision; I see a revelation of the coming city church; the next level of city church comes, which is apostolic unity, then national unity comes, and then global unity comes in the church, the national level and the global level supports and gives aid to the city level, and the city level grows and increase, the city level is the center of all spiritual happens the church, the world and the Kingdom of God.

I see a vision of the Throne Room, I see many hearts laid before the Father and the Christ, and see before the Throne of God, the seven Lamps of Fire and between the Throne and the Lamps were the many hearts, these were new hearts, and then a fire came upon each them all. Now I see angels come with a supernatural net of grace and gather these hearts and then release them to the church around the world.

Now I see that from the Holy Spirit over the whole church, over the whole city church, whole the whole world, begin to prophesy and give forth the breath to the church, and there came seven breaths of the Spirit into the city church, cities, nations, the world, and the church around the world.

Now I see a vision of Christians from many congregations begin to move in covenant relationship mindsets however, this was not within their own congregations instead, and this was outside of their own congregations, this was not congregational mindset instead, this was relationship mindset.

Christians begun to fellowship at coffee houses all over the world, even in major cities, and from their relationship came a flow of revelation between them, and from their flow of revelation came revival to them, and their cities.

The Christians in the Coffee houses begun to pray for one another, begun to come together on the level of person to person and they prayed, and prophecy, and visions came forth, and from these prophecies and visions came forth signs, miracles, and healings.

Their mindsets were renewed, and their mindsets of church begin to change, and the congregations that had freedom to have relationship and fellowship begun to grow and increase. These congregations were fruitful and had much prosperity. The congregations that don’t move forth in relationship mindset begun to shut their doors, and new doors begun to open, churches of love and relationship begun to grow and fill the cities around the world.

I hear a voice from the Third Heaven say; the doors I shut no one can open again, and the doors that I open no man can close. In the future these congregations will grow in unity and then become the one true mature city church.

This is a prophecy of the practical application and everyday life of the city church. Can you believe this? Believe this prophecy and enter into the promise land of the city church, enter into the rest of the city church!

Spiritual SAM Missile Batteries are coming forth with the emerging city church, they are apart of the city church, and the Lord is restoring the SAM Missile Battery to the city church in your cities.

I see vision of Christians fellowshipping in coffee houses all over the world. They began to humble them selves and begun to wash one another’s feet. The feet became beautiful, and gospel of peace came from their lips to the lost around them. Glad tidings came to many cities, their feet was shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace. Many cities will have social transformation that will come from the hearts of those who revelation of the city church.

Social transformation will come through the alliance of the Apostolic Church, the City Church, and the Marketplace Church.

Copyright © 2007 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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