Vision 2016

Vision 2016

We need vision from the Throne Room of God, we do not need vision from the pride of man. Vision comes by soaking in the presence of God. I remember when I was a young teen praying and seeking God, but before we can seek Him, He must seek us, it is not that we seek Him, for HE has already found us through the Finish Works of Christ. – (Proverbs 29:18)
Word of God: the first we need is the knowledge of the Written Word of God, This is why we need anointed seasonal teachers to teach the Word and with that we should feel the water of the Word.
Word Revelation: Second we need the Holy Spirit to teach us the Written Word of God, as we are faithful to study of the Word, pray the Word, faithful in prayer, and soaking in the presence of God, the Holy Spirit will come and teach Word Revelation, this is not just insight this is the Holy Spirit giving you a sermon through the Written Word, this is why we need anointed seasonal apostles who have been tested and have stand their ground to release hours of revelation from the Written Word of God.
Rhema Word: Third is a word from the word, is when the Holy Spirit breath on the Word and leads you’re in your Bible Study, this is where see the teacher, prophets and other ministers who are reality flowing with the Holy Spirit. Word Revelation is more deep and one of the main ministries of apostles.
Prophetic Revelation: Fourth is the Holy Spirit speaking through prophecy, visions, dreams, and the seer realm, which can lead more to deep prophetic revelation, this is where the prophets come in, as they flow in prophetic revelation, and it is the seer prophets who may flow more in the deep parts.
Visionary Ideals: Fifth is when you rest in the Throne Room soaking in Him, God will give you visionary ideals that can change the World.
Vision for your Life: Sixth as you surrender to the Will of God for your life, you will know God’s purpose, plans, and application for your life. God will give you a vision for your life.
Spirit Led: Seventh as you learn how to pray, faithful in prayer, faithful in the Word of God, leading how to hear the Voice of God, learning how to be led by the Holy Spirit in time beginning with baby steps you will learn how to be Spirit led. It helps for you hang out with others who are also Spirit led so you can learn from one another and give account.
Supplication International Ministries is a ministry of Word Revelation and Prophetic Revelation: when I was called into the apostolic prophetic ministry our Lord Jesus Christ said to minister My Word, and I remember when Jesus visit me and lay His hands upon me from that day forth I begin to move in Word Revelation and Prophetic Revelation.
S.I.M. has been faithful planting the seeds of reformation and revival and seeds of The Third Heaven in many nations, We ask you today to pray about giving faithfully, I am not asking through who are in need, and I am asking those who have and can give, but we pray for all for grace and seed. If you have enjoy and feast on the Table of this ministry it is time for you to obey the call to give to the Work of the Lord and to give faithful.
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We are asking to become faithfully prayer warriors, we ask pray this at least once a week.
1. Pray for divine protection.
2. Pray for unity and continuity.
3. Pray for apostolic provision and financial support.
4. Pray for the means and the ways.
5. Pray for peace and rest for us.
6. Pray for our morale and psychologically.
7. Pray for favor.
8. Pray for the work of the Lord we are doing in Omaha.
9. Pray for increase to our ministries.
10. Pray for more labors, members, and partners.
11. Pray for more release into our vision.
12. Pray for signs and wonders.
13. Pray for open door and open gates.
14. Pray for many kinds of breakthroughs
15. Pray for prophetic fulfillment.
16. Pray for prayer fulfillment.
17. Pray for sound wisdom.
18.Pray for the ministry of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Friends, and those visiting from around the world, partners pray about giving in grace and cheerful heart, help us to do the will of God, give in grace and seed, support this work of the Lord every month for the glory of Christ. We are praying and believing for God to raise up mighty company, an army of grace givers who will support this work with an willing heart. If you give to us, God will bless you.

An Apostolic Prayer for you:

Father we pray for each partner and friend and those who read this letter we pray for restoration of all things, outpourings of many angelic hosts, outpourings of prophecy, visions, dreams and deep prophetic, we pray for personal reformation and reformation of the church, we pray for personal revival and many revivals for the church, we pray for outpourings of many breakthroughs, prayer fulfillments and prophetic fulfillments, financial breakthroughs and for us to be establish in radical grace.

We speak grace, grace.
We speak grace, grace.
We speak grace, grace.
We speak grace, grace.
We speak grace, grace.
We speak grace, grace.
We speak grace, grace.

We speak grace, grace, blessings, blessings, anointing, anointing, peace, peace, revival, revival, favor, favor.

We pray for outpourings and floods and rivers of the Holy Spirit.

We pray in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

Grace, grace,

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