The Faith of Thomas

The Faith of Thomas

Elvis Iverson

Are you are a doubting Thomas, that may be a good thing, yes doubt is a sin, anything that is not of faith is sin, but Thomas wanted proof of His faith, since he has been thought a lot he wanted to know if what he heard is true. I believe God was using this to lead him into a miracle ministry. The Lord shows me that in this generation is coming an outpouring of miracles. He will turn our unbelief into a seeking for the true and real.

Yes believe is those who believe first before they see. Believing is seeing, we see by faith, but what if God had a hand in your seeing to believe to lead to a touch of anointing to move in a special miracle ministry, that is what happen to Thomas, I believe God is again bringing the ministry of Thomas in India and nations around the world, which is a ministry of special miracles. –(Jn. 20:24-29)

When Thomas had faith by seeing first, and when He touch the Lord He receive an anointing of special faith, special anointing, special manifestation of the Spirit, and special miracle ministry. If you read up of the history of apostle Thomas you will know what I mean.

Gideon was a prophet that spoke that God will move, but he too had too see before he could believe, that is true for many of us, but the Lord is moving and leading our heart to a special faith for signs and wonders. Gideon heard the stories how God moved in past generations, he did believe, the only thing is faith was clouded by what he sees around himself. So the Lord sent an angel to speak to him and to release a anointing of faith and miracles. –(Judges 6:11-13)

The Lord is speaking to you who believe in the God of signs and wonders in past generation, but today you only see the pain and suffering of unbelief. God is speaking to you today that He is the same God of signs and wonders, and that you will see signs and wonders, and He is ministering to you right now, a faith to see, and see to believe is coming to you.

Even if you have a mustard seed faith you can speak to mountains to be move and it shall happen, even with mustard seed faith you will see great things. You may have to pray more and fast more to break the spirit of unbelief of your heart and to release the Spirit of faith into your life. –(Matt. 14-21)

Does not the Bible say the Kingdom of Heaven is like a mustard seed, just as the parable of the mustard seed so is your seed faith, to believe even and have faith as a mustard seed you will see God move big time in your life. –(Matt. 13:31-32)

I see a vision of a cloud raining mustard seeds in many cities around the world, I hear a voice saying great and mighty things are going to happen soon, not just in one place, instead all over the world, for God is great and mighty.

I see God is setting you free and breakthrough is coming if you believe begin singing to the Lord and I ask you to pass on this article to others, so they too will be touch with revival of faith.

Copyright © 2010 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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