The coming of together

The coming of together

Elvis Iverson

March 30, 2014

In a vision I see a place called rest, and I see this place filled with the cloud of the rest of His presence, I could not see anything, and I was cover with the cloud of His presence. Then I see a vision I see the cloud of the presence of the Lord cover the earth, I see every city covered in the cloud, I see every village covered in the cloud, and I see every nation covered in the cloud. I feel the rest of the Lord fill the church, I feel the peace of the Lord fill the church, and I feel the relaxing fill the church, and I feel the love medicine fill the church, and feel the healing joy fill the church, and I feel intoxication of the Spirit fill the church. Then an angel came up to me and says let me show you the coming of together.

I see in our time the arise of the New Apostolic Wineskins and I see they shall be filled and overflow with the new apostolic wines, I see a great outpouring of home churches all over the earth, the home church shall become the church. I see the revelation of the body of Christ and the City Church release throughout the church around the earth and the city church arise and the city church centers arise and the city church apostles arise.

I see the unity of the church of the city and the unity of the city church arise in many cities around the earth, I see the future generations of city church, and I see future waves of the city church. In these waves I see more unity, more order, more apostolic vision, more united church arise. The unity of the faith is the unity of the city church.

Then I see the united church begins to arise beginning with the city church, then with the regional church which the network of the city churches in the region, then I see the provincial church arise which is the network of the regional churches, the I see nation church arise which is the network of the provincial churches, then I see the zone churches which network of the nation churches, and then I see the global church which a network of the zone churches.

The network is a network of apostles, prophets, prayer, revival, compassion works, and missions, financial support, and unity of the Knowledge of Christ and the unity of common faith, and education of the Bible and Education of ministry and education of ministers.

There will be centers built for each united church gathering, the city church will be 24/7 prayer and city outreach and missions, revival, and ministry of apostles, prophets and teachers, city church meetings. The region church center will be gathering of city church apostles and prophets, and fellowship of apostles and prophets, and the education of the Bible, regional meetings. The provincial church center will be a gathering from regional apostles and prophets, and training of apostles and prophets, the education of ministers, and meetings. The national church center will be place of prayer, compassion, ministry of apostles and prophets, nations meetings, and gathering of provincial churches leaders. The zone church center will be for meetings, gathering of national church leaders, compassion, and prayer. The global church center is the gathering of zone church leaders, ministry of apostles and prophets, compassion, missions, and global church meetings and prayer.

Copyright © 2014 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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