Emerging City Church part nine

Emerging City Church part nine

Elvis Iverson
April 1, 2007

The Holy Spirit says come and I will show you things to come. I speak into your life, I speak in the lives of all believers, I speak into the life of the Church, and I speak into the life of all cities and nations. Now hear me, know me, understand me, it is time to move unto mature faith in the supernatural and the prophetic. I have giving you faith and revelation, now I will give you works, and deeds.

I see a vision of the hand of the Holy Spirit and from His hand He released a pillar of fire, a consuming pillar of fire that consuming the whole church into itself and then give birth to something new.

Now see here the coming generations of the apostolic, the coming generations of blessings, this is the day of the restoration of generational blessings in the church. These are righteous generations that are coming forth; to establish blessings for the generations to come, not only these apostolic generations are coming, there is coming a restoration of the family life to the Christian families that five generations of righteous generations will come and bring blessings to many generations, the Holy Spirit is speaking to your family and love ones.

There is coming five righteous generations of church, these are five apostolic generations of church, and these are five generations of apostles. Abraham generation of the apostolic church, the Isaac generation of the apostolic church, the Jacob generation of the apostolic church, the Joseph generation of the apostolic church, the Ephraim generation of the apostolic church.

Now I see a vision of 300 apostles that are about to emerge around the world, there skin is covered with the blood of the sufferings of all believers, and the blood of the apostles and prophets throughout history. They are fearless; they fear no demon, no devil, and no religious spirit, they fear no man, and the demons, religious spirits, Jezebel and the queen of heaven are afraid of them and they will not look upon their faces, they are afraid of the faces of these 300 apostles. Each of them has been giving an army of angels. Their eyes are filled with the holy fire from the Most Holy Place. There hands and feet are anointed and blessed, they voices are giving gave and authority that shake the world, there ears are connected to the unity of the voice of the Holy Spirit. This is the beginning time of the Unity of the Voice of the Holy Spirit.

Now I see a vision of a long journey of faith and vision. I see horses fall to the ground on this journey, I see donkeys fall to the ground on this journey, and I see ox fall to the ground on this journey.

This is a journey of patience, and this is a journey of hope. Those with hope continue for months, years, and throughout time, from one person to the other person, passing along this revelation of hope. Yes they are all prisoners of hope on the journey of the revelation of the city church.

Now I see the camels move forth in patience, faith, and hope on this journey of the revelation of the city church. They do not fail, they do not fall, they continue, they endured, they are persistence, and perseverance, they are worthy to receive the rewards, they are the ones that made it through this long journey of patience and perseverance, they will fulfill the need of endurance, they will do the will of God, and they will receive the promise of the city church, and they will give this promise to the whole church, they have pass through the patience of the journey that all in the church may eat of the fruits of their labors.

There are coming spiritual harbors in the cities of the city church, these harbors are apart of the emerging city church. The Lord will restore the spiritual harbor to the city church and the cities of the city church.

Copyright © 2007 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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