Revivals and more revivals

Revivals and more revivals | Supplication International Ministries

Revivals and more revivals

Elvis Iverson

April 6, 2014

In a vision I see a place called rest, and I see this place filled with the cloud of the rest of His presence, I could not see anything, and I was cover with the cloud of His presence. Then I see a vision I see the cloud of the presence of the Lord cover the earth, I see every city covered in the cloud, I see every village covered in the cloud, and I see every nation covered in the cloud. I feel the rest of the Lord fill the church, I feel the peace of the Lord fill the church, and I feel the relaxing fill the church, and I feel the love medicine fill the church, and feel the healing joy fill the church, and I feel intoxication of the Spirit fill the church. Then an angel came up to me and says let me show you the revivals and more revivals that are coming and that are in the future.

In vision I see waves of revival come, waves upon waves of revivals coming, there seem to be no end to these waves of revivals, and then the angel said you are right there is no end to these waves of revivals, but the church will mature and flow and ride these waves of revivals.

I see this cloud hovering over the earth, and every city church, and the church, and every believer, the angel said this is the cloud of many revivals, this cloud will cover the church and every city church, and every believers, this cloud lives with many apostles and many prophets. I could see this cloud was so big, so great, and so massive that is beyond what can see.

The first waves of revival will be those waves before reformation and those waves after reformation, the waves before reformation prepare and aid reformation, and those waves after reformation is follow up, and there waves during reformation these are empower reformation.

Second waves of revival are waves of signs and wonders revivals, and waves of apostolic revivals these waves will touch many parts of the church.

Third waves of revival are great revivals and massive revivals these will come to certain places. These revivals are for a long times.

Fourth waves of revivals are soaking presence, prophetic revival, intoxication revival, and bliss revivals these revivals will come to many parts of the church, but will come and go and come again, but touch many hearts.

Fifth waves of revival are the pillars of fire and the pillars of cloud these revivals will move back and forth and around the nations, there seven of each that shall come.

The sixth waves of revivals are the Terra Nova revivals, resting revivals, and continue revivals. These revivals will come and stay and live and dwell, and abide.

The seventh waves of revival are the oil revival, fire revival, wind revival, water revival, and wine revival, these revivals of restoration of the glory of God first in the church, second in the earth.

I see each of these waves of revivals will produce new waves and greater waves, none of these waves will come to an end, but waves will come out of these waves, and waves will come out of those waves. I see five generation of revival come, and I see five more generation of revivals after the first five generations, each generation of revival birth a new generation of revival, and two generations of revival birth a new generation of revival of revival, these generations of revival will birth new generations of revival, and I look I could see into the future beyond by future and time, I could see waves and waves and waves, generations and generations and generations of revival.

I see a group of some apostles and prophets this group is a group of a few generations of revival, these mark the beginning points of these revival, and these ones will be remarkable then others in these revival. They soak none stop, they are intoxication none stop, they are in the deep things of God none stop, they are in the deep prophetic none stop, they flow in signs and wonders none stop, they have Terra Nova none stop, and these do nothing to flow in these things, it is happen to them by grace alone as a sign of His goodness.

Copyright © 2014 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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