Realty and the Prophetic Realm

Realty and the Prophetic Realm | Supplication International Ministries

Realty and the Prophetic Realm

Elvis Iverson

There is the realty realm and there is the prophetic realm; you learn how to live in both realms and follow the Lord and the Presence of the Lord, and to seek and apply the wisdom of God, and walk in line with God’s love, then you will be a successful person and fruitful person.

Realty Realm is in Genesis 1:26-28, and the Prophetic Realm is in Ephesians One. We must learn to move forth in both realms this is by faith and love, with a renew mind, and asking for the Wisdom of God.

As long as you are in the love of God you are in the will of God, God give His Word and He created us not to be robots but to act and work by faith. You may not see every thing, you may not know the will of God for every thing, but if you have a renew mind and live in the love of God you are doing the will of God.

Yes we are to seek God first, and ask God to lead us, and to pray for His wisdom, but then we are to move in faith, faith with works, faith with deeds, doing our part, what we already know what to do. God give you authority, God give you a mind, God give you His written Word, and He wants to see what you will do. You don’t need to ask God how on everything, only certain things, the rest you are to use your renew mind. If you don’t move forth in the realty realm you will not see the prophetic realm come forth in your life.

Do ask God should I go out and get a job today, or what should I eat today, or should I take my kids to Church? God wants you to use your head. Use your renew mind! Reason with your renew Mind and move forth.

You must do your part, then God will do His part, and you must embrace realty realm then the prophetic realm shall embrace you.

God has already giving you favor, now flow in His favor and the prophetic realm will manifest.

The Prophetic realm comes when we pray, when the Lord says give, when the Lord says go and pray for your brother, go here and I will move, here is a vision now pray for it to come to pass. Believe God and trust Him and you will see the prophetic realm manifest. Believe God’s written promises, believe God’s prophetic spoken promises, pray and prophesy, pray for prophecies to come to pass.

The Lord will lead you by your heart, and He will open doors, and bring new people in your life, then you just have to build relationships, relationship building and networking is a key. One step of destiny will lead to the next step of destiny, when destiny comes knocking you get up and open the door and begin the steps of destiny.

God will lead you to prophetic fulfillment, and He will lead you to prayer fulfillment, yes we have to pray a lot and have patience, and embrace realty realm, then the prophetic realm will come.

Copyright © 2010 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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