Emerging City Church part seven

Emerging City Church part seven | Supplication International Ministries

Emerging City Church part seven

Elvis Iverson
March 25, 2007

The Holy Spirit says come now and I will show you things to come, these things will come to many around the world, for they are a restoration from the Father from the Third Heaven. Now I see a vision of certain prophets and apostles that have not yet arising in the church, The Holy Spirit says these are the ones that will lay the foundation of the city church, I am rising up a company that will lay the foundation of the city church. I see angels watching over them, guarding them, aiding them, and ministering to them, the Holy Spirit says these angels are to care for them; these angels are called the city church angels. There is an angel over each city, and there is an angel over each city church, and there is an angel over each congregation, these angels that you see caring for these apostles and prophets are the angels that are set over the task of raising the city church to a new levels.

Now I see a vision of a city, I see apostles arise in this city, I see certain apostles unite in vision and mission, establish a city church network or a territorial network, and establish a city church center where revivalists and reformers minister, etc. where 24/7 prayer, worship and prophetic watch.

Then apostles in others cities were doing the same, not all city church networks, city church centers are the same however, they begun to teach and learn from one another, and a horizontal network was establish between them and the city churches.

Others begin to come and learn of the teaching of the city church and application of the city church however, each city church was not like the other, and each city church had their own characteristics that set them apart from others but, there came an practical unity among them with vision, anointing, and prayer.

From the next level of city church came from their patience, obedience, revelation, vision, revival, intercession and prayer came forth city church movements that went on for years upon years, when one movement would end another would begin.

I see a vision of seven movements of the city church, although there are more, within each of these seven movements are other movements that will come. The whole ideal of church will change, the whole ideal of unity will change, and the whole ideal of missions will change, and I see many books written from generation to generation on the city church.

The next level of city church will come, which is apostolic unity and from there the city church will grow and mature unlit the day that the apostolic church gives birth to the mature city church, the end time church.

The Seven movements of the city church will be birth today, but they will manifested in future times at their appointed time. The first city church movement is apostolic unity, the second is networking, the third is ministry, the fourth is missions, and the fifth is national church arising, the sixth is global church arising, and the seventh is the birthing of the fullness of the city church.

The Holy Spirit says, can you believe, can you have faith, for these things that I have said will come to pass today, in the future and the end times.

I see a vision of spiritual battlefield medicine arising in cities around the world, I see these battlefield medicine are apart of the emerging city church, these battlefield medicine are for the intercessors, warriors, and for spiritual battles and war over our cities.

The emerging city church is arising in our cities however, first the city church must arising in our hearts, receive now the faith, hope, vision and revelation of the city church into your hearts and begin to pray.

Copyright © 2007 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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