Pray to and Pray through

Pray to and Pray through

Elvis Iverson

There is praying to, and then there is praying through, understand and apply them both and you will see the power of prayer and power coming from your prayers.

Pray to: You pray to the Lord, you ask Him, when you pray to the Lord you are speaking face to face, prayer is face to face faith, God hears your prayers, and brings them to pass. –(Phil. 4:6)

Pray Through: you don’t prayer through for God to hear you, you only pray to God to hear you, you don’t pray through for God to answer your prayers, you pray to. You pray through to enjoy the peace of God, you pray through to receive revelation, and you pray through during times of warfare and to get the breakthrough you prayer through. –(Phil. 4:7)

You pray to in faith, with thanksgiving, and then pray through by praying the Spirit, you pray in the Spirit until you since the release and an inner peace begins to fill you. You praise the Lord, then wait upon the Lord for insights, then after you receive insights from the Lord, then begin to worship the Lord.

Prayers that come to pass are prayers prayed according to the Word of God, and in faith, then rest that prayer to the Lord, and begin to thank the Lord. There are times when praying for the lost, for a city you will need to pray many times. But for yourself write down a list of things you are believing God for, then pray to the Lord in faith as you feel you should then after awhile rest your prayers with the Lord, trust in the Lord then enter into thanksgiving. –(Heb. 10:23)

We are to pray for prayer fulfillment and we are to pray for prophetic fulfillment.

There are times that we must pray for certain things over and over, but we must do it in faith with thanksgiving, the first time you prayed that prayer need God heard and said yes and amen, now you pray that prayer with thanksgiving, and the rest of the Lord. –(LK. 11:5-8, 18:1-8)

Yes we are to pray with perseverance in praying to the Lord and praying through. But you must do it in faith and the rest of the Lord, and praying in the Spirit. –(Eph. 6:18)

You are to pray in faith, through faith and patience you will see your prayers, the first time you pray God answers, but now comes the coming to pass. This is why we must enter into rest in prayer and with our prayers needs and wants. –(Heb. 6:12)

You are to rejoice always when praying, and then pray with thanksgiving, always thank the Lord, then pray in the Spirit, then believe the Lord to speak a word to you, and then thank the Lord for the word. –(1 Thess. 5:16-22)

We have to learn endurance and walking in faith beginning with our prayers life, then with our walk with God. If you have a good look toward prayer, you will have a good outlook toward your life, and your walk with God will be more flowing in faith. –(Heb. 10:35-36)

You pray in faith, you wait in hope and in love your prayers come to pass. Hope is the vision of prayer, faith is the release of your prayers, and love is the reason why you will see your prayers come to pass. –(Heb. 11:1)

Faith pleases God, for God hears your prayers and answers you prayers, second God rewards your faith, third God rewards you for diligently seeking Him. –(Heb. 11:6)

Copyright © 2010 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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