The Signs of our Time

The Signs of our Time

Elvis Iverson

March 23, 2014

I see a vision of a great covering hovering cloud over the whole land, it seems to cover the whole earth, then I see coming down from the third heaven a chariot of fire and in the chariot was Elijah, Enoch, John, Paul, Moses, eight others, then I seen Maharishi of MT. Kailash, and Sadu Sundar Singu, and some others, they drink the wine of prophetic bliss, Our Lord Jesus was with them. Maharishi said to me are going get and come with us for a ride, and say yes, the moment I got in I was full with holy intoxication, and peace of God and loved of God.

In a vision I see our decade, our generation, and our time and I see an outpouring of outpourings of the Holy Spirit like never before, greater then the book of Acts. This outpouring of outpourings is so great, is so huge, is so massive and it will be a continue outpouring.

This outpouring of outpourings was hidden from eyes of many, only a few over time and ages and seen this outpouring of outpourings coming, most don’t even believe, but it is not based upon our believing its based upon the faith of Christ and His will.

The signs that this outpouring of outpourings is coming is the restoration of apostles, restoration of prophets, the worldwide prayer movements, the desire of the prophetic, the desire for the supernatural, the desire for the presence of the Lord, the desire for revival and ongoing revival, the third reformation, and the grace message!!!!!

For a decade the Lord has shown me revivals, many revivals, great revivals, massive revivals that are coming, some prophecy are just same prophecy but another look at it, but some prophecy are shown more of God’s love and goodness and mercy that is coming.

But I will say this to you if you are in Christ, if you are seated with Christ, if you are in Union with Christ, if you are the temple of God, you already have an open heaven, already have an outpouring, already have revival, and most of all you already have the presence of God.

Then I see with this outpouring of outpourings I see an outpouring of angelic hosts, and with each outpouring there will be an outpouring of angelic hosts. With this outpouring of outpourings will come a great outpouring of angelic hosts.

This outpouring of outpourings is continue, these outpourings are continue, this outpourings of angelic hosts are continue. Many waves, many movements, many rivers, and many revivals, and many outpourings is our time we live in, and it begins now in you.

In Acts two came the former rain, but what is coming is not only the former rain and the latter rain but even so great that we can’t even begin to see it or understand it, but its coming.

Copyright © 2014 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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