New Apostolic Centers

New Apostolic Centers

Elvis Iverson

We are at the beginning of the end of the local church, the local church had its time, the local church is too close minded and cut off from the rest of God’s will, not only we are at the end of the local church many parts of the local church will end too, most of their groups of churches that set themselves apart of the body of Christ, yes you are called to be set apart but not set apart from the true church of Christ. There is only one body of Christ that is the Church that is the bride of Christ, the priesthood of the Kingdom of God. There is only one church in a city that church is the city church.

We are seeing a change of spiritual leadership no longer will the senior pastor led the local flock, no longer will pastors led the church, and we at the end of the pay minister, most ministers will have their own career, it is time for the fivefold ministry to be in the house of God.

Apostles are called to led with the corporation of the church elders, these apostles are seasonal apostles, are recognize apostles, affirmation apostles, and mature apostles.

We will go from the local church to apostolic centers. What is an apostolic center? Apostolic centers are prayer centers, city church centers, New Apostolic Congregations, parachurch ministry centers, Training Centers.

How are we going from the local church to apostolic centers what will members do? Its time the local church to break down into home churches, the church in the home, the centers will be use for ministry, but pastoral ministry will be in the home church. These centers will be prayer centers, parachurch ministry centers, and training centers, and most will be New Apostolic Congregations but not the city church centers the city church centers are horizontal networks of a city among new apostolic congregations and other apostolic centers.

Five New Apostolic Centers:

1.Prayer Centers: houses of prayer some are 24/7, some are prayer and prophetic centers, some are soaking centers.

2.Training Centers: training centers will replace bible colleges, training centers are to train the fivefold ministry, train prophets, train apostles, most of all train believers, these training centers are equipping ministries to train and equip believers in their own ministry.

3.Parachurch Ministry Centers: there are ministers of fivefold that are call to minister among the church but not in a church fellowship, yes the ministers are a part of a local fellowship, but minister to church at larger, some are called minister in a city, some will be led to setup ministry centers.

4.New apostolic congregations: A new apostolic congregation is a network of home churches within a city, with a center, the pastoral ministry and church meets in the home, and the center is for ministry, and ministry of apostles, prophets, and teachers.

5.New Apostolic City Church Centers: these centers for the city church, prayer, prophetic, apostolic, and compassion ministry.

It is time for the new wave of apostles to come, which release a new wave of the prophetic and the prophets, and with the next wave of apostles will come a wave of apostolic centers that will cover the earth.

Copyright © 2014 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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