Emerging City Church part four

Emerging City Church part four

Elvis Iverson
March 4, 2007

In a vision I see the revelation of Jesus Christ our Lord, He is holding a diamond in His hand, He says this is the Kingdom of God. Now He is holding a ruby in His hand, He says this is the church, and now He is holding an emerald in His hand, He says this is the world, for I love the world.

Now I see the city church in every city coming together carrying precious stones to a build upon holy ground, an altar and house was built around the altar. I hear Jesus Christ says I will build my church, I will build my city church, and I will build my Kingdom.

From this place the Throne of God will rested upon the earth, and from the Throne of God, a river when out throughout the city, touching all congregations, and from this river came revival, reformation, and social transformation. This river went out from the city, to other cities, and rivers came from the city church from other cities to this city. The river flows to the nation that the city was in, and other rivers from cities churches flow to this nation, and likewise this river flowed to those nations. I hear these words, this is the glory of God, and this is the beginning of the healing of the nations.

The Holy Spirit says I want to make your city a bethel city, and I want to make your city church an altar and a house called El Bethel, and this is the will of the Lord for all cities in every nation. I see in this bethel city angels ascending and descending upon this altar and house called EL Bethel.

Now I see a golden anointing from this house covering the ground of the city, I hear these words; this is the anointing of kings, the ground is being made holy for them to walk and minister upon.

The outreach of the city church is the marketplace church. The Lord is rising up a church in the workplace to bring social transformation to the city; the will of the Lord for your city is social transformation. Social transformation will come through the city church, and the church in the workplace.

I see now within many cities and within all cities a crown being giving from the Third Heave resting upon the church in the workplace. This is the kingly anointing for the workplace. I see a company of marketplace apostles arise in cities and nations around the world, they are not limited by the economy around them, for they based their success on the economy of the Third Heaven, and their faith in the Lord.

Now I see a robe of anointing is cast upon the believers in the workplace. This is the anointing of favor and prosperity giving to the saints of the Most High in the workplace, for they are the kings of the kingdom.

Now I see the storehouses being filled with finances and resources. The City Church is at the gate of the city, and the storehouse is connected to the city church. The Holy Spirit says the storehouses will be filled and become fat in these days and for future times and all times. He says; I will lay wealth and blessings in the storehouses for my purposes only.

The resting glory will come upon the city church, the church will become full of revivals and glory, and then the revivals will overflow unto cities and nations for healing, which is the healing of the nations. We must go from the glory of the Lord that manifested to the glory that belongs to the Lord only. His glory will manifested to us as a gift, however we are to give Him glory, through honor, praise, worship, humility, and honoring the Lord through being responsible and accountable with the finances, wealth, and resources that will be giving for the purposes of the Kingdom and the church.

Holy Spirit will rise up universities in all cities as part of the city church. The day has come when all believers are to be equipped and train in all things in God, and this goes for all believers. The revelation that is coming is for all believers not just a few, not just for a few congregations, instead these spiritual universities will manifested through an outpouring of revelation upon all believers in the city. This is why the Holy Spirit will establish a spiritual university in your city.

These visions and prophetic prophecies of the emerging city church is only the beginning of blessings, anointings, graces, and mercies to all generations of church, generational blessings are being established in our days for the future generations of church.

Copyright © 2007 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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