Unfolding Visions of Harvest

Unfolding Visions of Harvest

Elvis Iverson

Waves of Harvest are coming to the church around the world, massive harvests of souls are coming, the Lord will add to the Church every day in great numbers in coming soon days. –(Matt. 9:37-38, 13:39, Acts 2:47,41, 4:4, 5:14, 11:21, 24, Jam. 5:7, 2 Pet. 3:9, Rev. 5:9-10)

In a city near you, you maybe your city, new apostolic congregations and New Apostolic Networks will arise and New Apostles City Church Networks and the New Apostolic City Church Center will be built.

There will come a supernatural harvest grace upon the city, the Lord will begin adding souls to the church, not for the reason we are witnesses for Christ, instead for reason our heart is before the Throne in the Throne Room in the Third Heaven. The number of souls being added to the church every day will increase, first we will see 20 souls being added to each congregation, then we will see 30 to 60 souls being added to each congregation, then 100 souls being added to each congregation every day. Then every three months 1000 souls are added to each congregation, and in time the congregations will become fat with souls.

Apostles of harvest are ministering in huge meetings in many nations around the world, we see signs, wonders, and mighty deeds, many souls are won to the Lord, great numbers are won to the Lord, and massive numbers are won to the Lord, then I see some apostles by faith lead one millionaire souls in each nation they visited.

Now see by faith a city near you, or maybe your city, a city church revival center arise, the Revival Presence begins to come, and rest upon the center, much prayer, and life of a faithful company of praying people, taking turns praying day and night, and faithful ministry of apostles and prophets, then in this city church revival center a place of open heaven, revival fire comes and from this place revival flows throughout the city, and a massive harvest of souls happen, in a short time most of the city is won to the Lord.

In a nation near you, or maybe your nation, see by faith an open air meeting, an apostle or prophet ministering, and at first many souls coming, then the spot light is place upon the open air meeting and a whole nation can hear the speaking of the anointed words of an apostle or a prophet, and then more, and more come to know the Lord, then revival falls, a holy wind, the winds of the Holy Spirit fill the meeting place, go throughout city where the meeting is happening, and throughout the nation, massive numbers and massive changes happen in a short time, it is a supernatural grace of harvest coming upon a city then upon a whole nation, even if a person or people don’t hear the sermon, they come to know the Lord for ministry of the Holy Spirit is pouring out over the whole nation.

Now see by faith a nation in the near time, where a conference, then a huge open meeting, a ministry of an apostle or two or a team of apostles and prophets, 1000 people are raised from the dead, miracles, signs, wonders, and apostolic and prophetic preaching and teaching, a supernatural grace of harvest comes upon the special meetings of the Spirit, and even those who didn’t come, even those in blocks away, even those throughout a city that don’t even come, many, upon many are saved, giving their lives to the Lord, massive numbers come to know the Lord, and revival comes in the meeting, and moves like fire and grace to hearts across a nation, where many, upon many come to know the Lord, and massive numbers come to know the Lord, and massive numbers come to know the Lord.

See by faith an outpouring of angelic hosts, an outpouring of angels of revival, and angels of harvest, and many coming to know the Lord, an outpouring of angels that gather is coming to bring harvest of souls in many cities.

By faith is a nation, maybe your nation, a supernatural grace of harvest come across a nation, and the Lord brings to add in each city 100 souls every day to the church, then in time, the Lord begins to add 1000 souls in each city every month, then after awhile the Lord begins to add great numbers to the Church every year.

By faith now see a supernatural grace of harvest comes upon the church around the world and whole earth, and great numbers in each nation is won to the Lord every month and every year, for many years to come.

See by faith believers living throughout a city, or your city, then see ten sinners coming every week coming up to a believer saying take me to your God, not for the reason the believer witness of Christ, instead for the reason of favor and anointing from the Holy Spirit upon the believer. –(Zech. 8:23)

Now in faith see this not only as a time, instead the life of the church always. This is not a prophetic prophecy; this is a visionary ideal of faith to see the image of harvest that the Lord wants us to have, and pray forth.

Copyright © 2008 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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