Emerging City Church part three

Emerging City Church part three

Elvis Iverson
February 25, 2007

The Holy Spirit is hovering over all cities around the world; His is hovering over all the congregations within every city in the world. He is visiting all prayer meetings looking for the vision of the city church, looking for those who have the vision for the city church, looking for the prophetic word among them.

Where two or three, or more come together in the name of Christ I will be in their midst. The Holy Spirit is looking for congregations that obey the vision of the city church in their cities. Those who will come together in apostolic unity and prophetic manifestation I will come and visit, I will come and share with them my plans for their lives and city.

When the next level of city church comes, Throne of God will rest in their midst, and the river of healing and glory will flow from the Throne of God in their midst and their city will change, revival will come, and social transformation will come to your city.

There is an oil of anointing being poured out upon all congregations within every city. Those who receive the this oil of anointing will have a change heart, and their minds will begin to be renewed by the Holy Spirit, the vision of unity and the vision of the city church will be giving, and a supernatural prayer manifestation will come.

The Holy Spirit will arise among the congregations within all cities the prophetic voice will be establish, those who hear the prophetic voice will be giving a heart of worship, and a river of worship will flow from their hearts.

The Holy Spirit will visited all congregations within all cities around the world to establish the apostolic grace, establishing the apostolic authority, establishing the apostolic vision, and the apostles will arise and the heart of the church and heart of city will begin to change by the workings of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit will come upon the congregations in all cities looking and seeking for His kings, the heart of the Kingdom will be giving to them, and the Holy Spirit will look, seek, and fine His apostles of the workplace, and their realm of ministry will be established.

The congregations that obey the vision of the city church, the vision of unity will begin to seek out one another within their cities, a holy alliance will begin to be formed made by the congregations that obeyed and the Lord Jesus Himself. A holy covenant will be established and signed in these days. The laws of the covenant will arise in these cities among all congregations.

The apostles will begin to minister and move forth in grace, and city church apostles and marketplace apostles will begin to come together in the spiritual leadership of the city church. Holy Apostolic city church networks will begin to be birth in apostolic unity and prophetic manifestation. City church centers will begin to arise, 24/7 prayer ministry, 24/7 worship ministry, and 24/7 prophetic watch will arise within these holy places.

The grounds and foundations, and the preparations for the coming habitational revival will be laid before the heart of the city church, the stones of the altar of habitational revival will be setup, and tabernacle of the city church will be built for the dwelling place of the resting glory.

The City Church centers will be places of fullness of spiritual fruits, anointings, blessings, graces, and miracles. The congregations that have the revelation and that have came into this relationship; will have blessings, will become fruitful, will have the fullness of the Spirit.

However, the city church today lies in ruins, the walls and gates are broken down, the vision of the city church is far from the hearts of the congregations. Although there is only one city church in every city, many city churches are broking down and lay in ruins.

There is hope, the cry of the faithful comes before the Throne without ceasing, those who have been faithful through the years making intercession for their city and supplications for the church of their city, have remember their prayers and hopes, I have sent my faithful prophet in their midst to prepare my way, to prepare my coming to your city.

The city church will arise in your cities; arise in vision, revelation, prayer, prophetic, and I will bring those that lead the way for the city church together and I will make them one in their cities for my name sake I will do this thing.

I will bring those apostles together in holy alliance and vision for their city and the city church. This will happen, I will bring this to pass. I have already sent my faithful apostle, and others will come and I will bring them together in the oil of anointing, and apostolic unity and prophetic manifestation, prayer and vision.

I will rise up spiritual coliseums for the city church in your cities, I will establish them at the gate of your cities, these spiritual coliseums will be places of vision, unity, revival, prayer, worship, prophetic, and gathering to hear my apostles and prophets of reformation, revival and social transformation.

Copyright © 2007 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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