The Armies of the Joel Army

The Armies of the Joel Army

Elvis Iverson

March 16, 2014

I see a vision of a great covering hovering cloud over the whole land, it seems to cover the whole earth, then I see coming down from the third heaven a chariot of fire and in the chariot was Elijah, Enoch, John, Paul, Moses, eight others, then I seen Maharishi of MT. Kailash, and Sadu Sundar Singu, and some others, they drink the wine of prophetic bliss, Our Lord Jesus was with them. Maharishi said to me are going get and come with us for a ride, and say yes, the moment I got in I was full with holy intoxication, and peace of God and loved of God.

In vision I see the beginning waves of the armies of Joel Army, these first waves have already begin and they are beginning to taking some of the mountains and will not be able to take the full possession of these few mountains for some years, but there is much prayer and there will be much breakthrough. But God will change the hearts of many, He will change the culture, He beginning change cultures in many nations, for what He will do He will do in many nations.

Then will come the second waves which will be the glass roots movements that has already begun they take the foot of every mountain and build strongholds, with much prayer and much fasting. This too is happen in many nations and soon in all nations no one can stop this from happening from God is behind them.

Then I see the third waves come and they begin to move up toward the half of mountain and in these waves some of the seven mountains of society are taking but it takes a few years before they have possession.

Then the fourth waves come and they take half of the mountains and again take a few other mountains of the seven mountains of society.

The fifth and sixth waves will take more of the seven mountains of society, but it takes some years to get possession of them, through much prayer and much fasting.

The seven waves take the last two mountains which are education and religion. There waves of strengthen the strongholds of Joel Army on seven mountains of society. Then come waves of renew, then come waves of restoration, then comes waves of healing and then the waves of creative and the waves of peace.

With each wave come an army of angels, and with each group of waves come an outpouring of Seven Spirits of God and the ministry of seven angelic watchers.

Copyright © 2014 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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