Emerging City Church part two

Emerging City Church part two

Elvis Iverson
February 18, 2007

The Holy Spirit is speaking unto all spiritual leaders and all believers in Christ in all nations, I all cities, and in all places. Hear and receive the unity, and of the city church. Come into lineament to the Kingdom of God and the City Church. Purpose and vision for your life will awake as you come into lineament with the Kingdom of God and the city church.

A vision in the Third Heaven is giving to the church; see the heavenly city church, the gold, silver, precious stones, worship, the light and glory of the Lord, the fullness of unity. See the walls of salvation and gates of praise. This is the vision of Isaiah 60 that will come to pass in your future, however every generation will see an increase of fulfillment of the vision and prophecy of Isaiah 60.

There is fullness of glory resting upon this heavenly city church, and light shine out from this glory, and see the believers walking, living and abiding within this heavenly city church. I see rivers of wealth flowing into this heavenly city church 24/7 days, hours, months, seasons, years, and there is no end, and from this heavenly city church flows outward rivers of blessings that fill the earth with the blessings of the Lord. Hear wisdom saying the rivers of wealth will flow into this heavenly city church, and at the same time the rivers of blessings will flow outward from this heavenly city church to the world.

This is a picture of God’s will for the church in the future, can you see, can you hear, can you believer, and in each generation you will see increase of the fulfillment of His will for you and the Church.

Now see the Holy Spirit hovering over every city around the world, He is hovering over your city, He is satiating your city with His presence, He is ministering to you, hovering over your heart and mind, He is satiating your heart and mind, times of soaking is coming to your city, and is coming to your life from the Holy Spirit. Soaking in His presence for He is upon you as you is hearing this prophetic word unto you and the cities around the world.

Today the city church will arise to the next level of city church growth, an overflowing and overcoming unity is pouring like fresh oil. A strong sense of unity will arise in the hearts of believers; the vision of the city church will be giving to the spiritual leaders of the city church in all cities around the world. It is time to transition to a level of grace, unity, power and anointing among your congregations coming together in unity, vision, missions, compassion, prayer, worship, prophetic watch, revival, and glory. The city church will untied today that will build a foundation for all other future generations of city church and establish for a generation of city church generational blessings and anointings.

The Rod has been raise up within the church in all cities hear the sound of the trumpets blowing throughout the earth, throughout your cities, hear the sound, sing, dance, and pray along with the new sounds of unity with God and unity with one another. Break off the old ways, the old mid sets, the old habits, and be renew by the Holy Spirit, by the Blood of Christ, by the Holy Scriptures, by revelation and by the prophetic.

Repent of the ways that are against the ways of the city church, the ways of the Kingdom of God, the ways of the Holy Spirit and the ways of the apostles and prophets. All these ways that are against these ways from the Wisdom above will be cut out of the Vine, and burn with fire, burn with fire, burn with fire, and those things that are will be prune by the Holy Spirit, by revelation, and by faith.

Pass under the Rod or the Rod will come against you, this is His mercy. Pass under the Rod and receive His mercy, or the Rod will come against you, this is His mercy. Those who pass under the Rod, bring your friends, bring your brothers and sisters with you, and bring your congregations with you. Come unto unity with God, and come into unity will one another, the Holy Alliance of the Kingdom of God and the Church is at hand!

Those who agree, those who obey, those who apply will become apart of what the Lord is doing through the Holy Spirit in all cities, and those congregations that pass under the Rod and enter into this alliance, will grow, will increase, will prosper, and flow with grace and blessings.

Those who say they have hearing ears, and have heard the Word Revelation, the prophetic revelation, and have receive the vision from the heart of the Throne Room. But yet there is no doing, no application, they have become deceived; this is a deception that could lead to delusion. The Holy Spirit is calling us to battle against such deception, the deception of disobedience that leads to the delusion of rebellion, which is as the sin of witchcraft.

The Holy Spirit will burn away rebellion, witchcraft, stubbornness, iniquity, and idolatry, for these things the Lord has rejected. Mislead servant have place upon the altars of hearts profane fire and false fire however, no more the Most High God will allow such things to happen and be fruitful in spiritual darkness. He has sent His holy angels to keep these mislead servants away from altars of hearts, and He make pure the altars of hearts and send His Holy Fire against the evil doings to burn them out of the cities around the world.

These profane fires and false fires are fires of religion, fires of witchcraft, fires of control, fires of fear, fires of divination, and fires of confusion. Where there is no vision, where there is no revelation, there is confusion, and the voice of the Holy Spirit and the voice of the prophets will not dwell among them. They built cities of confusion however, the Lord will burn these cities up with Holy Fire, and He will burn them to the ground, and upon these grounds no other city will be built. The Lord will place angels there to hinder anyone who dares to try to build upon those grounds.

The Lord will build cities of revelation and cities of vision all over the world. These are cities of grace, wisdom, peace, order, unity, and revival. He will place Holy Fires upon the altars of the hearts, and His anointing oil will be upon you.

The false prophets will be cut off and burn away by the Holy Fire and the angels of the Lord. Let all false ministries that have rooted themselves in your city by plucked up, let any evil person planted in your church by rooted out in the name of the Jesus, let any false apostles and false apostles of the queen of heaven be cut of and rooted out of your city.

Those who are among the waysides, stony places, and among the thorns repent of your ways, and become good ground, for only those planted upon good ground will be gathered into the emerging city church, and all others will be burn, and all other places will be burn up, and those planted on good ground and have been brought into the emerging city church will increase and fill the cities around the earth. The good ground will increase, until the whole cities become good ground, and then the anointing oil of the Lord will come upon them. This work of good ground will be the work of holy angels, holy prophets and holy apostles. Only those who yield a crop of ether a hundredfold, or sixty or thirty will be brought into the emerging city church, and all others who bear lesser crops will be burn up with holy fire, and those who have bear more crops and have been fruitful will grow and increase and fill all cities in the earth.

The Holy Spirit will rise up hospitals in every city around the world, hospitals for healing, miracles, inner healing, restoration, and deliverance, signs and wonders. These holy hospitals are apart of the emerging city church.

The Lord will work a work in your days, which you would not believe; through it was told of you. The church will be made to give birth in one day and born at once the emerging city church.

Copyright © 2007 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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