Home Church Revelation

Home Church Revelation

Elvis Iverson

The Church begun in a home, and the church will return to a home, the revelation of the church in the home is the revelation for the church in the hour, we have enter into a restoration of biblical fellowship, and biblical fellowship is home church fellowship.

It is time to leave the building control churches and move back home to the church in the house. A congregation is a network of home churches with a center. In the Book of Acts the Church meet in the home for the reason the church is a family and she will again become a family. Social church will be birth again, where believers know one another and love one another, then the friendship of the world will come to an end, and the harvest of souls will begin.

The apostles in the beginning planting home churches and networked them together within a city, and again apostles will arise and raise up networks of home churches.

What is not a home church? Home church is not a cell church: this bring the home church down to a cell of a building that is moving away from biblical fellowship and the priesthood of believers. We must free the believers from their cell churches and cell groups and bring them into the home church of freedom and manifestations of the Spirit. The Home Church is not a program home church: where you are a program not a river, if the church is not a river then it is a dry land called church of no return. Home church is not a support group: I think we need support groups apart of the vision of the home church, but not to replace or be as a home church. The Home Church is not a small group: this bring down the meaning of home church, Christ will not come to a building call a church, instead He will come to a church in home churches. The Home Church is above and beyond small groups. The Home Church is not a little local Church with one man ministry: you see home churches that say we meet in the home, but what you really see is a one man ministry. The Church services are in the Home, the Church meets in the home to be the Body ministry, but there is the center for ministry and there could be homes for ministry. We need the one another ministry and Body Ministry in the home church.

The Church in the House is a place for believers to come and minister and feed on the Word of God, and fellowship and love one another, and be the Church, instead of going to church, and they lead together in unity and vision.

Yes there are pastors, pastors do not lead the home church, there is no one leader, instead the believes together lead in unity and vision, and pastors are there to keep the peace and to give pastoral care. But home churches look up to apostles for wisdom and leadership, the goal of an apostle is to teach the believers to walk to together in the home church. The evangelists work among the home churches with believers leading souls to Christ and then discipleship, and then planning them into home churches. A network of home churches is a net for harvesting souls.

A congregation is a network of home churches with a center, church meetings are in the home, and ministry meetings are in the center. The center is for equipping, mentoring, fathering, training, and meat ministry. The center is for the ministry of the apostle, prophet, and teacher.

What is the revelation of the church in the home? We can find this truth in Acts 2:40-47.

The Home Church was continually steadfastly: If you want to see a move of God, better yet a river that flows continually, the believers of the home church must be continually steadfastly.

The Home Church was feeding and abiding on Apostle’s Doctrine: Yes we need the ministry of the Prophet, and the ministry of the Teacher, but we must flow in and receive continually the ministry and teachings of the apostles.

The Home Church was flowing in fellowship: The believers fellowship together, loving one another, praying for one another, ministering to one another, sharing with one another, and caring for one another, They did this faithfully and continually and flowed in biblical fellowship as a river.

The Home Church was eating together: the believers would come together and these believer meetings and church meetings were the best parties ever, they sure eat with joy and build relationship, knowing the Lord, and knowing one another continually. Relationship building was continually a river of life for the church.

The Home Church was the place for the best prayer meetings ever: The believers will come together to pray for one another, to pray for the lost, to pray for the church, to pray for their cities and nations, and to soak in the presence of the Lord.

What happen was that God give them favor with all people, I mean all people, this is going to happen again, and again, and in your city too. Then the Lord will add daily to the church from network of home churches to network of home churches, from city church to city church, and all over the church there will flow a harvest of souls and blessings.

Acts 2:40-47, and Acts 4:32-37 is the will of the Lord for the church, and we must return to home church revelation if we want to see the fruits, blessings and a river of harvest. We must apply and bring application of the revelation of Acts 2:40-47, 4:32-37 and we will see also the fruits of Acts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

There is revival that will come to the home church, there is revival that will come to the center, there is revival that will come to the city church, there is revival that come to the city, and there is revival that will come to the nation, and then the world. There is revival coming to the church and revival coming to the earth, lets get ready.

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