Emerging City Church part one

Emerging City Church part one

Elvis Iverson
February 11, 2007

There is coming apostolic and prophetic movement called the emerging city church. The Holy Spirit is planting seeds of unity in the heart of believers all over the world. Visions of the city church and the Kingdom of God are being imparted to apostles and prophets all over the world.

The emerging city church movement has been going on for some time for it is a work of patience, vision and prayer. One of the signs of these movements is ongoing spiritual battle in our hearts and minds; are we for intercession or are we for accusation; these are the two voice that are going throughout the world, one bring life and the other bring death, one is of the Holy Spirit and the other is of the antichrist spirits. If we yield to the voice of intercession revival, life, blessing, and harvest will come.

The Holy Spirit is calling many, and calling every member in Christ to pray for unity, and to pray for the city church. Those who pray a door will be open up in their minds, and if they pray faithfully this door will bring an outpouring for it is an entrance to an outpouring.

The Holy Spirit is building two houses throughout the earth, He is building the Kingdom of God, and He is building the Church, we are kings in the Kingdom of God and we are priests in the Church. He is building two houses in every city around the world, He is building the Kingdom of God in our cities and He is building the city church in our cites, you must become a king to enter into the works of the Kingdom of God, and you must become a priest to enter into the works of the city church.

The Ministries of the Grace of Jesus Christ our Lord is to equip the saints for the work of the ministry, which is equipping you for the priestly ministry, in the church and the city church, which the church is the priesthood of the Kingdom, and the apostles are to raise up the kings and prophets are to impart into the lives of the kings of the Kingdom of God. You are already citizens of the Kingdom, and children of God who are called to be kings, it is your God giving right to be a king, and it is your birthright. You are already Disciples of Christ, you are already redeem by the blood of Christ, and born of the Spirit, and you are called to be a priest. The Christian life is to be a king and a priest with revival in this life. In your heart is the union of the Kingdom and the Church, which is the Throne Room and the Throne, for your heart is the Throne Room, where the Throne dwells.

The Kingdom of God is the great move of God, then there is the great move of God which is the Church, the Kingdom of God is growing throughout the World, and there will be more increase and growth in our time then any other time before now. In each city there is a dimension of the Kingdom that Holy Spirit will establish in our cities through a demonstration of the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is in our hearts through the Holy Spirit now the Kingdom is to manifest through a demonstration of power, works and deeds through our hands.

The Holy Spirit will build a palace in every city, which will be a dimension of the Kingdom, and the Holy Spirit will build an embassy of the church in every city called the city church. The city church will have an embassy in every city, and for the dimension of the church in your city is the city church. The Church will increase and grow more in this time then any other time in history until now.

Copyright © 2007 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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