Unfolding Revival Presence

Unfolding Revival Presence

Elvis Iverson
May 24, 2008

The Presence of the Lord is manifesting today around the world through revival, this is the day of ongoing revival, we are entering into a time of a beginning of revivals, restoration of revival and we will never again live without revival.

Times of refreshing and times of restoration come from the Presence of the Lord, the presence of the Lord is greater then times of refreshing or times of restoration, or times of revival, but they are a manifesting of the presence of the Lord. Repentance opens the door to times of refreshing, we must change our minds so that the Lord can change our hearts.

The Lord wants revival to come to every city, but first He wants the whole church to live and experience revival. The Lord is speaking to His servants the Apostles and the Prophets; He says teach my people revival, supernatural, the power of God, and the presence of the Lord.

The Holy Spirit says, REVIVALS, REVIVALS, REVIVALS, has He said these words, faith and grace and a holy impartation came from the Throne Room into the heart of the receivers.

I see this angel before me, he says I am an angel of revival, I am an angel of the minister of revival, I come to bring an holy anointing and a grace to be imparted, you will never again be the same, revival will always be with you, this is the will of the Lord for you.

The Holy Spirit says revival is coming, revival has begun, revivals will unfold, revival is in near you, revival is in your mouth, and revival is in your heart!

I see a vision of an outpouring of revival angels all over the earth. I see revival angels being poured out upon cities, and I see angels of revival being released into the church around the world.

Now I see a vision of the Throne Room. I see burning pillars of fire before me! The Holy Spirit says the revivals that come after reformation will be greater, will be stronger, and will be lasting, and there will be a restoration of revivals, and the church will never, never, and never again be without revival. There is revival before reformation, and there is revival coming with reformation, and there will be revival that follows reformation, reformation will lay the foundations for lasting revivals. Then the pillars of fire when throughout the church and throughout the world. These are pillars of fire revival! Then I see pillars of clouds before me, these are pillars of cloud revival, and these pillars of cloud went throughout the church and the world.

Now I see a vision of pillars of the Spirit before me, one is the pillar of reformation, and this pillar went throughout the church, this pillar become powerful divine changes throughout the church. The next pillar was revival, and revival went throughout the church and the earth, from this pillar came many pillars, and from those pillars came even more pillars of revival. Now I see a pillar of social transformation and this pillar went throughout the earth in many cities and in many nations, and this pillar became many, and those pillars became many, and now I see a pillar of harvest, this pillar of harvest become many, even more, and again those became many more, and went throughout the church and the earth.

I see a vision of a house burning with revival fire and revival glory, the Holy Spirit says this is the house of revival that I am building, the door is now open to you, come and enter, become apart of this house of revival that I am building for the glory of Christ, the love of the Father, the edification of the church and the increase of the Kingdom of God. This house of fire will grow and increase and grow as the parable of the mustard seed.

Then I see an angel, this angel is great, he comes down and the Holy Spirit gives him a bag of mustard seeds and says, spread them throughout the church in the hearts of believers all over the world.

I now see a company of angels come before the Holy Spirit, He says go now and guard the mustard seeds, for they shall become very fruitful, for I have anointed every mustard seed in this bag for the glory of Christ.

I now see a vision of a coming cloud toward me; this cloud I hear is the unfolding revival presence.

Father we pray for revival fire to come upon the hearts of all believers in the church around the earth. We pray in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

Copyright © 2008 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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