Unfolding Reformation

Unfolding Reformation

Elvis Iverson


There is Five Reformation of the Church: the first reformation of the New Covenant, the second is the reformation of faith, third is the reformation of the church, fourth is the reformation of the Mature Church, and fifth is the reformation of the eternal church. The Third Reformation is the great reformation, the reformation of the whole church. – (Heb. 9:10)

The restoration of the prophets were in the 1980’s and the restoration of the apostles were in the 1990’s and now we the new apostolic age of the church, which is the second apostolic age of the church. There is coming great waves and increases waves of apostles and prophets that are coming!!! Apostles and prophets lay the foundations of the third reformation, and the reformation laid the foundations for revival, lasting revivals, and this is the new apostolic age of revival. – (Hosea 6:1-3)

We are entering into the fullness of the restoration of the priesthood of the believers and the beginning of the restoration of the kings of the kings of the kingdom, and in time as the waves of kings come from generation to generation, the day will come that the mature waves of mature kings will come. – (Rev. 1:6)

What are the Three elements of the third reformation? The first element is the teachings and wineskins of the reformation, second element is the gospel of radical grace, and the third element is the power of God and signs and wonders.

What is the Thesis of the Third Reformation? 1. Apostles and prophets are foundation of the church. 2. The five-fold ministry is the government of the church. 3. Every believer is king and priest in Christ. 4. The home church is Biblical fellowship. 4. Signs and wonders, gifts of the Spirit, visions, dreams and prophecy are for today. 5. There is only one church in a city. 6. Every believer is member of the Body of Christ. 7. The future of the church is one of glory. 8. Establish in radical Grace. 9. Women can be ministers. 10. The Church in the workplace. 11. Giving in grace giving. 12. The End Times is one of Glory. 13. The restoration of the seven feasts of the Lord. 14. The revelation of the Kingdom of God. 15. The reform of missions. 16. Team Ministry in the house of God. 17. New Apostolic Wineskins. 18. Israel has a future. 19. New Apostolic/second apostolic age. 20. New Apostolic Age of Revival.

Understanding the unfolding Third reformation? First reformation came like the meekness of a lamb, second reformation will come like a roaring lion, and third reformation will spend like a running horse. Fourth reformation will fly like an eagle in supernatural signs and wonders, fifth reformation will come like the unity of the dove, sixth reformation come like the work of the ox in missionary work, seventh reformation will come in the maturity of the Son of Man, and eighth reformation will come in the deep things of God like a dear.

A Prayer for you:

Father we pray bring personal reformation, personal revival to come every believer, we pray reformation and revival to come to the church, we pray raise the new apostolic wineskins, and we pray establish radical grace throughout the body of Christ, we pray in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

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