The Path of Revival part twelve

Restoration of the Foundations

Elvis Iverson
The Path of Revival part twelve
October 1, 2006

The Fear of the Lord fills the church before my very eyes, the fear of the Lord will be restored, and there will be great fear of the Lord in the hearts of believers. I see this fearful cloud of the Spirit hovering over cities; this cloud is the coming fear of the Lord.

Massive reformation will come to the church around the world, revivals will fill the church and pour into the world from the church, and there will be massive revivals, and habitational revivals, and social transformation will come to many cities and many nations through the hearts of believers in the workplace.

This massive reformation will come like a wild fire and burn day and night and Spirit of this reformation will always rest in hearts of the church. This is the third reformation of the church, which is the reformation of Christendom, Christianity, every person who names the name of Christ, and the whole church around the world. This reformation has already begun like lamb however it will become like a lion and like a horse.

What will be come after this reformation, there will only be groups that have Christ’s oneness among them, and there will only be apostolic networks around the world in relationship and fellowship with one another; The Apostolic Church will be the church that will remain and stand fast. The city church will grow from pastoral unity to apostolic unity. The army of believers in the workplace will be raise up, social transformation will come to cities and nations, revivals will become the way of life for the church, the church will move in signs, the gifts of the Spirit and the power of God and we will grow into more unity and mature unto maturity. This will all happen in your lifetime. Daniel 12:3-4 is coming to pass in your lifetime.

The Lord moves in patience in His dealings and movements; He wants us to enjoy every step He has lead us to, and He wants us to mature in every level of growth this takes time and patience. Yes in these patience moves He move suddenly and immediately. However, we are to know these times and are to be redeeming the time by the wisdom of God, we are to know the times and the seasons.

The seeds and the vision of the coming unity of the Faith, and the mature city church will be planted into our hearts, however they will come to pass in the future beyond our time. The mature city church is the Kingdom church, the church that will prepare the way for the return of the Lord; the Lord is coming back for His Church and His Kingdom.

The Future, and the end times is not what we have believed, the Lord through the Holy Spirit and the Holy Scriptures is changing and renewing our minds that we may see His doings, dealings, and His times and seasons and enjoy them.

I see a vision; the fires of reformation will cover the whole church of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the church in every nation of Europe. The Lord will give revivals to these churches and nations, and the Lord will give social transformations to these cities and nations.

The fires of reformation will come to every believer’s heart, and all believers in Christ will have to pass through the fires of reformation.

Copyright © 2006 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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