Patriarchs of Old

Patriarchs of Old

Elvis Iverson

March 16, 2014

I see a vision of a great covering hovering cloud over the whole land, it seems to cover the whole earth, then I see coming down from the third heaven a chariot of fire and in the chariot was Elijah, Enoch, John, Paul, Moses, eight others, then I seen Maharishi of MT. Kailash, and Sadu Sundar Singu, and some others, they drink the wine of prophetic bliss, Our Lord Jesus was with them. Maharishi said to me are you going get in and come with us for a ride, and I say yes, the moment I got in I was full with holy intoxication, and peace of God and loved of God.

We fly across India, there will be a great massive harvest in the north in coming days, and see fires all over India many souls coming to the Lord, I see the Lord pouring out the anointing of signs and wonders and this anointing kept pouring out and many were drunk with this anointing, but very humble by God, then I see many dead arise, and many more dead arise, and then great numbers arising from the dead.

We fly across the Philippines, and this is a revival nation I see many revivals coming, I see many souls coming to the Lord, the Lord has save the best for last. I see so many coming to the Lord that almost all in this beloved nation were born again Spirit filled, I see certain cities that were hot spots of revival.

We fly across America, I see many waves of revival, anointing, the presence of God, and I see massive numbers coming to the Lord like a mighty river. I see the hot spots of revival and they were 12 cities of grace and mercy. I see a wave of the deep prophetic, a great wave of signs and wonders, a massive wave of prayer and soaking in the presence of God.

I see apostolic centers arise in many nations, and many nations came to these apostolic centers, their doors were always open, I could hear the apostles and prophets minister for years to come. Then I see huge gathering places in cities across the earth, were there was apostolic meetings and prophetic meetings and massive numbers came every day and night, there was ministries that will rent these places and the apostles and prophets will come.

Then we went into the future and came to a man who is a mature prophet he walk up to us and said I been waiting for you to come, I tell you what I have witness the past 20 years. I see a awakening come upon the church in America and the church around the world, and see from that awakening every one begun to have the heart of God the Father and every one begun to hear the apostles and prophets, and the voice of the Holy Spirit, and a great massive movement of prayer, fasting, and soaking came not just in one nation but many nations. Then I witness a band of reformation ministering and I see divine changes of the church, I see rise of the new apostolic wineskins, and see the new apostolic wines come pouring upon all, and I see a great exodus from the old wineskins to new wineskins, and see that only the apostles and the prophets will lead the Church under the leading of the Holy Spirit, I see the waves of coming apostles, what you have seen now were apostles that prepare the way, with each wave of the apostolic came a greater wave of the prophetic, in the future the church flow ether apostolic or prophetic, but the mature apostles and mature prophets will oversee the flowing of the apostolic and the prophetic. From the seeds of awakening, the reformation will arise, and from the seeds of reformation revivals fires will begin to light the way and the church shall be lead by a pillar of fire by night and a pillar of cloud by day.

Then we fly move unto the future to another mature prophet this prophet is a female, she came up to us and said I been waiting for you to come, I will tell you what I have witness and seen a wave of apostolic revival come upon America and many other nations I see certain group of apostles that was a part of this wave right now no one knows of them but soon they shall arise and minister, many gather around them, and they preach and teach and there were many signs and wonders, and the signs of the apostles will seen in their life. But these apostles are not known yet and do not seek fame, only to love the Lord and are love by the Lord. But that company of apostles is not together but each will have a team but they will come into unity and union of fellowship, and the prophets will minister along with them. And from them will raise few apostles and few prophets that stand out by wisdom, power, grace, anointing, and love. Then I witness the waves of the apostolic coming in many nations and apostolic works begin to birth, grow and mature, and there was a river of signs and wonders.

Then we fly way into the future and seen a mature apostle and he was very old by look young he might have been 105 years old, he had such joy, love, peace, and anointing. He says I been waiting for you, in your decade God will awaken the Body of Christ, and bring order to the church, and begin the end of many groups and birth the groups of new wineskins and they will be many but love and submission to one another, and as there new groups come forth the old groups begun to fall apart and be no more, yes that is true God has change His mind, now He will end many old groups and almost all of them will come to end, and He was put His favor on new apostles and new prophets and new apostolic wineskins, and if the old one that are lift do not follow the set apostles and set prophets they will come to an end too, He will only give them three years to repent and be reform, but the rest of the old groups there is no more time. The Wind and the Fire of God will come forth upon the church in all nations. The apostles and prophets of reformation will stand before the church and preach and teach the reformation of the church and there be waves of grace, power, anointing, and signs and wonders, and many will obey, and massive numbers will obey, and most will obey, and then all will obey. From the seeds of reformation will come the beginning of many revivals and from that day forth there will be many revivals.

Then we fly more into the future and we seen another mature apostle he came up to and said I have been waiting for you, this apostles was 150 years old. He said that in your generation and in your time the church shall go through the great reformation of the church and come into the time without end of many revivals, billions of souls shall won in your generation and in your time. The Lord shall reform the church and churchianity, and Christianity within decade or more but it will be finish with one generation, and then many revivals will come, and they shall continue to come, and there are revivals before reformation, there are revivals during reformation and there are revivals after reformation, but revivals will come, the Lord shall minister reformation to three billion souls some are Christians and most at not, then He will pour out many revivals, and then billions of souls will come to the Lord in your time. India will won to Christ, China will be won to Christ, Most of Asia will be won to Christ and the Asian nations shall be won and have many revivals.

Then we fly more into the future and seen another mature apostle who was 209 years old, he came up to us and said I have been waiting for you to tell you what I have witnesss, I see the years of maturity of the apostolic, the prophetic, the church and the city church, then come into the beginning of mature city church and mature national church, and the mature global church that which the apostles of first days seen now are coming to pass in a future generation of the beginning of the arising of the mature church. We see many generations of the apostolic, many generations of the prophetic, many generations of apostles, many generations of prophets, and many generations of the city church, but I will say it will not take long to reach the point of the beginning of the mature church.

Then we fly again back into time and seen a wife of a season and mature apostle, and we seen next to her the children that she shall bear and we see then the grand children, and great grand children and great great grand children, and we see the future generations of this family of apostles, prophets and business persons, we talk to her and she was full of joy and soaking in the presence of God and she said it is all about family, God and Church! Then we seen a young boy who is called to be great apostle he say there are five generations of apostles and apostolic, there are five generations of the church coming, there are five generations of the believer families coming, but there are five generations have already begun, but these five generations are the beginning of many generations. It is time for the restoration of many generations and it is time for the restoration of generational blessings.

Copyright © 2014 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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