The Path of Revival part ten

Kingdom Revival

Elvis Iverson
The Path of Revival part ten
September 9, 2006

There is coming radical changing to this world from the Holy Spirit through the hearts of believers around the world. Social transformation will be birth from the hearts of many believers around the world.

I see a vision of a raising flood in the earth in many nations and many cities; these waves are the believers in the workplace. There will arise a global workplace army around the world in cities and nations to bring radical change and social transformation.

There will come monopolize of the world by the Kingdom of God in the hearts of believers. The Kingdom of God will monopoly the world, the believers will possess the kingdoms of this world and used them for the purpose of the Kingdom of God. A monopoly of the world will come forth from the heart of believers; they monopolize the world for the purpose of love, for God so love the world.

The minister of finance stood before me saying, the church will have revival, and the church will be flooded with glory, and the church will be flooded with blessings and wealth. The global marketplace army will bring healing and restoration to cities and nations through the Holy Spirit in their hearts.

We have entered into the beginning of the end of the restoration of the priesthood, and we have entered into the beginning of restoration of kings. The Lord wills kings to rule with Him on earth. The Lord will establish His Kingdom in every city and in every nation through His kings before He ever returns to earth.

We must see an army of kings raised up in every city and in every nation, and through these kings the Holy Spirit will move to bring change, restoration and healing. This holy army is an army of restoration.

Do not think in the future after Christ returns, His Kingdom is already filling the earth, and today the Lord is raising up a army of saints that will be greater then the saints in the beginning days of the church.

This is not just an army of business leaders and government leaders; in addition this is an army of the every day believers who with faith and the Holy Spirit will change their world long before Christ ever returns.

Christ is coming back for a church, and He is coming back for a kingdom. The Kingdom of God has already come, and the Kingdom of God possesses the world through the hearts of the believers, for the Kingdom of God is within you.

Then this angel holds up a sword and points to certain areas and gates that begun to open around the world. I see arising global army of believers, which is an army of restoration. I see waves, rivers of blessings and wealth coming into the church. I see the bridge of wealth built between the church and the marketplace and I see a river of blessing and wealth flow day and night.

I see a river of angels pour upon the believers around the world. I here these words, “the blessings are here” I see the power and grace pour upon the hearts of believers in the workplace around the world.

I see in India believers in the workplace arise in all places, in government and in business to change their world. I see a ten-year movement of business, government and the workplace from the believers changing their world. I see the Lord Himself open the door to give favor and opportunities to believers, and I see the Lord place favor upon His people in the nation of India.

I see in the nations of Africa, how restoration and healing will come through revival, apostolic river and the believers in the workplace. We will see much change in Africa through the hands of believers. I hear these words again; “We will see much change in Africa through the hands of believers!”

I see China one-sided freedoms are hindered; the other side there is much freedom. It is like a hidden world is taking over China and they have no ideal of what is happening to their world. The hidden world will overcome the known world and China will be changed and great salvation will come to China.

I see in America, I look at certain major cities I see new businesses arise; grow and increase and become major companies. I see written upon each of these companies the names of the Lord. I see rivers flow from these companies into communities, societies, and cultures; these rivers are flowing from the hearts of believers who lead these businesses.

Now I see a vision of old money, new money, big money, growing money, and most of it belongs to believers. The minister of finance says in America a supernatural network of wealth will arise from the hearts of believers.

Copyright © 2006 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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