Five Fold Ministry in the Congregation

Five Fold Ministry in the Congregation

Elvis Iverson

A believer who is called will first learn and minister to one another among the believers then in time, the believers will recognize his or her gifting and begins to set him or her apart, and they still minister to one another, then an apostle begins to father and mentor and then ordain them into ministry.

Congregation is a network of home churches with a center. The home church is where the church meets, and the center is the place of equipping.

The Home Church is the place where believers meet to have church and fellowship, and minister to one another, and pray for one another. –(Acts 2:40-47)

The Elders are the mature apostles, prophets, and teachers, with a senior set visionary apostle who leads in unity, vision and wisdom. The center is the place for ministry of the apostles, prophets, and teachers. The elders lead together as a team with a set leader who is a visionary that works with them in leading them as a team leader. –(1 Cor. 12:28)

Pastors are to minister in the home church, they are giving to pastoral care and love, they don’t lead the meeting, instead keep the unity and love in the ministry and give pastoral care. The evangelists work among the home churches leading people to Christ, giving discipleship, and helping them to join a home church. Remember a Congregation is a network of home churches with a center; it is net of harvest to bring in the souls into the home churches.

The Five Fold Ministry roles in the Congregation:


1.Equipping the saints.

2.Father and mentoring new ministers.

3.Plant new Congregations.

4.Teaching meat.

5.Keeping order.

6.Casting vision.

7.Praying and soaking.

8.Hearing from the Lord.



2.Prophetic words.


4.Watch post.

5.Minister in the prophetic company.

6.Minister the prophetic sermons.


1.Teaching the Word of God.

2.Hold teaching seminars.


1.Witness to the lost.

2.Leading the lost to Christ.

3.Follow up.

4. Gathering new comers and babes in Christ into home churches.


6.working among the home churches.

7. teaching others how to win souls.

8.plant new home churches. with pastors.


1.Pastoral care. for babes and children believers.

3.encourage believers.

4.comfort believers.

5.minister in the home churches.

6.keep the peace and unity.

7.keep the flow of fellowship.

8.ministry of love.

Copyright © 2010 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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