Mavericks of Faith

Mavericks of Faith

Elvis Iverson

March 23, 2014

I see a vision of a great covering hovering cloud over the whole land, it seems to cover the whole earth, then I see coming down from the third heaven a chariot of fire and in the chariot was Elijah, Enoch, John, Paul, Moses, eight others, then I seen Maharishi of MT. Kailash, and Sadu Sundar Singu, and some others, they drink the wine of prophetic bliss, Our Lord Jesus was with them. Maharishi said to me are going get and come with us for a ride, and say yes, the moment I got in I was full with holy intoxication, and peace of God and loved of God.

In a vision I see mavericks of faith all over the earth, these are pioneers and these are pathfinders, I see this company of mavericks walk with the Lord for a very long time, they have been alone and have been faithful in prayer, fasting, suffering, vision, and soaking presence. These mavericks are a certain number of apostles and prophets.

Then I see a huge clock above them and two angels standing, one on the right side and one on the lift side, then the clock speed up and the angels begun to blow their trumpets. I see many doors open and many doors open and many doors open.

I see each of these mavericks a company gathers around them and holds their arms up, and say you are no longer alone we have heard the call too and we will walk with you, we will fellowship with you, and we will help you, and we will support you.

Then I see these new day ministries arise around the earth, I see these centers arise, I see these buildings arise, and these centers are centers of milk and honey.

I see rest come to the mavericks and their divine works now begin in the earth, and I hear a song sung by angels, the time of mavericks are ending, God will give them rest, and they shall be establish, now the time of the visionary leaders have begun!!!

Copyright © 2014 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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