Entering into Contemplation Prayer

Entering into Contemplation Prayer

Elvis Iverson

There is coming a revival soon, it is called the jasper revival it is the first of twelve revivals that lay a foundation for many revivals. This revival is also called the prophetic ecstasy revival. The Holy Spirit has open my eyes to the so many revivals that are coming, and they will continually come, some will remain, some will come and go, and there will be no end to there coming.

I have been teaching on prayer for years, as you pray you begin by entering into the Throne Room, and you enter into a time of thanksgiving, and asking and praying for others and praying for nations, then you enter into praise and you begin to pray in the Spirit as long as it takes for the peace of God to come upon you, then worship and hear from the Lord. However this is only the beginning of prayer, now you enter into meditation, then you come to soaking, and beyond this you come to visions and ecstasy. See we only been doing 2% percent of prayer, and now it is time to enter into the 98% percent of prayer, meaning to enter into the beginning of the 98% percent of prayer.

When you begin your prayer time you ask from God, you pray in the Spirit, you pray through, that is only the beginning of prayer, prayer is going from peace to peace, then deep peace, to overflowing peace, and so on, prayer is like a river that will have no end.

To begin the next step into a new river of peace, that is not new instead, it is new to you, we come to Contemplation Prayer. There are four parts of Contemplation Prayer they are cleansing prayer, prophetic meditation, waiting prayer, and then ecstasy prayer. Most of Contemplation Prayer is soaking in the presence of the Lord. –(Hab. 2:1)

Cleansing prayer: This is a period where you confess and receive forgiveness, forgive others, receive inner healing, and deliverance, restoration, casting of cares and burdens.

Prophetic meditation: You first see by faith, have holy imaginations of the Throne Room, and think about the anointed feelings you had in the past, you think about God’s love, and you think on the Word of God, you see by faith the Blood and the Cross and the Throne Room, you go from seeing be faith to seeing visions.

Waiting prayer: most of this time is done in soaking in the fire of God, in the Cloud of Glory, in the presence of the Lord, flowing in love, peace, joy, faith, hope, and revival, you give access and surrender to the Lord, and He will minister to you.

Ecstasy prayer: is visions, supernatural encounters of the God kind, Throne Room Fellowship, trances, raptures, and supernatural pleasures of Christ.

Be led by the Holy Spirit, you may be led just to soak in the Lord; I personally am a soaker in the Lord. I love to soak in worship and in the anointing pouring. Be led by the Lord, an outline is just to help you begin and learn, but then it comes to a point you just flow with the river of ecstasy, and give over to the Lord and His river of glory.

I know for sure that out of these times of Contemplation Prayer, will come a manifestation of the Spirit in your life and ministry that you did not have before, for in the times of Contemplation Prayer there is encounters and visitations that will bring a new manifestation of the Spirit in your life and ministry.

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