Understanding the Many Revivals

Understanding the Many Revivals

Elvis Iverson

My ministry has come to four areas, which are reformation, revival, social transformation, and Harvest. Reformation is being reform to the Image of Christ and reformation is for the church. Revival is both for the church and then for the world. Revival will first come to the church, then the church will overflow with revival, and revivals pour upon the world. Revival is the manifestation of the glory of the Lord through the Church to the World. Social Transformation is both revival and reformation that comes to our cities and nations. Social Transformation is for the world. Harvest can come without these other three, and will come with each of these three.

Awakening is a move of God that bring much of God’s people back to God, we awake again from our sleep to again discover God. Renew is a move of God that comes to renew a part of the Church to God, renew our faith, we have already seen two kinds of renew that came to the church in our time. Renew is like oil and water being pour into wineskins, a renew is poured into both old and new wineskins. Refreshing is as same as renew, refreshing comes to bring rest and life to the church. Restoration is a movement of God to restore truths, gifts, etc. to the church.

Visitation revivals will come and go, these revivals are not revivals that will remain, only to come and fulfill a certain work of revival, these visitation revivals can be massive, and long, short, they can be lasting, and these revivals flow from one city to the next. –(LK. 19:44)

There is coming many revivals, revival will be there and revival will be here, and there will be massive revivals, and lasting revivals.

We will go from glory to glory, we will go from revival to revival, when one revival is coming to an end and before that revival comes to an end another revival will begin, there will never be a time between revivals without revivals. –(2 Cor. 3:18)

Then there is habitational revival or resting revival, this kind of revival will come upon a city, meaning upon the city church, where the leaders and the people of God had built a dwelling place for resting revival. –(Eph. 2:19-22)

Then we come to Dark Cloud Revival, this kind of revival is like resting revival and visitation revival, but it will stay in one place, upon he city church, where there is a dwelling place for revival. This kind of revival, no man can minister, only the Lord can minister in this revival. –(2 Chron. 5:11- 6:1-2, 7:1-3)

The day will come that revival will go beyond the revivalists, and the Lord will be ministering revival to every believer.

When revival comes, the Lord uses revival to speak to the church; we must learn to hear the Lord speaking through revival. –(Num. 14:10-11)

One of the names of the Lord is the Lord of Revival, and that is the name of the Church and the City Church, our name is revival.

The will of the Lord is for the Church to never be without revival never again, it was not the will of the Father for the church to be without revival, or to live periods of time without revival.

Copyright © 2008 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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