Continue Outpouring of Signs and Wonders

Continue Outpouring of Signs and Wonders

Elvis Iverson

March 22, 2014

I see a vision of a great covering hovering cloud over the whole land, it seems to cover the whole earth, then I see coming down from the third heaven a chariot of fire and in the chariot was Elijah, Enoch, John, Paul, Moses, eight others, then I seen Maharishi of MT. Kailash, and Sadu Sundar Singu, and some others, they drink the wine of prophetic bliss, Our Lord Jesus was with them. Maharishi said to me are going get and come with us for a ride, and say yes, the moment I got in I was full with holy intoxication, and peace of God and loved of God.

In a vision I see this covering huge cloud covering the whole church around the world, and from this cloud came hovering clouds that hover over certain communities of churches and certain cities around the world. Then I see from hearts of apostles and heart of prophets signs and wonders begin to flow from there, and then I see from hearts of many believers signs and wonders begun to flow like rivers, and where there is the unity of Word and Spirit there will come mighty rivers of signs and wonders.

I see an outpouring of angelic hosts upon these rivers of signs and wonders, and I hear a song they sing let the outpouring of signs and wonders continue for Jesus reigns over the earth and His mercy endures forever.

I see angels now come toward us to show the wonders of God’s love to His children. These angels look drunk and happy and I could hear songs in the background, and I could feel the joy of the Lord and intoxication of the Spirit, the peace of God, and medicine of God’s love.

The first river of signs and wonders are healings and miracles, deliverances, raising the dead. The second river of signs and wonders are unusual miracles and manifestations, the third is prophetic manifestation, fourth is the gifts of Spirit, fifth is the bliss gifts of God, sixth is great signs and great wonders, seventh is the signs of the apostles, and eighth is raising the dead.

These rivers of signs and wonders will flow throughout the body of Christ back and forth and with each wave will come even greater wave of signs and wonders, and then even great waves of signs and wonders, these waves will keep coming.

Each wave will be continue, then with each wave will come a greater wave of that wave, but that wave will continue and the greater wave will continue, and there is more greater waves, each wave will continue, for all these waves are rivers.

Then I see a river in the Third Heaven, this river is the fountain head of all these rivers of signs and wonders, an angel that stands next to this river said would you like a drink of this river, I said back to the angel yes I would like a drink, so that this angel took a glass and put into the river and then give me this glass and wink at me, its a bottomless glass have fun and enjoy.

Copyright © 2014 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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