The Path of Revival Part Four

The Land of Promise

Elvis Iverson
The Path of Revival Part Four
September 9, 2006

I see a massive gathering of Angels, massive gathering of angelic hosts over the nation of Israel. I see an outpouring of angelic hosts all over Israel. I see an outpouring of angelic hosts all over the Middle East. I see an outpouring of visions, and dreams upon Israel, I then see an outpouring of visions and dreams throughout the Middle East. Through visions and dreams great numbers will come to know the Lord and much freedom will come to my people in the Middle East.

I see an outpouring of Supplication and Grace upon Israel. I see Tel Aviv become an international gathering of saints, I see the church of Jews and Gentiles arise in Tel Aviv. I see Jerusalem becomes a house of prayer for all nations. Many come from all over the world to pray and seek the face of God. I see Bethlehem become a place of healing, I see Haifa become a place of restoration, and I see Gaza become place of salvation. Israel is a land of revival, a land of promise, a land of blessings, a land of the prophets, and a land of the apostles.

These times sorrow is preparing Israel for revival and salvation. I see the prayers of the saints from all over the world praying for Israel to be saved.

I see the prophetic anointing fills the land of Israel. The anointing of all the prophets will flow upon the land of Israel and her prophetic seed. I hear voices of the prophets in Israel, in places around Israel. I see the birthing of apostles and building up of spiritual Israel.

I see the bonds between Israel and the Church begin to form through the council of apostles and prophet both Gentiles and Jews.

I see revival break forth and flow like running rivers over the land of Israel, then flow throughout the world. Revival fills Israel, and salvation comes to Israel. Israel become filled with glory from the presence of the Lord and filled with glory from wealth. I see pubic leaders gather from all over the world to be healed.

Now I see a vision of an archangel over Israel, this is Michael the archangel. He says I stand watch over Israel, their people, the Jews people, and their destiny, and their history. Pray for Israel, believe God’s will for Israel, and believe His vision for Israel, speak it forth, share it with others, and through this vision many will be healed.

Now I see Gabriel; he says the Lord send angels to visit the Jewish prophets, Jewish apostles, Jewish business leaders, and Jewish government leaders. Not only will they visit them in Israel, also all over the world. They will be released in their purposes in the Lord.

I see visiting angels visiting Jewish people all over Israel and all over the world too, their hearts becoming opened and their minds being opened.

The nations that are a blessing to Israel, the blessing of Abraham will flow upon them, and they will be filled with the blessing of Abraham. The blessings of Abraham will flow, and fill, America, and they will become full of the blessings of Abraham. The nations that stand with Israel will become and always be great nations in the Earth, and all others will be second, or third, or forth, etc.

Revival will come to the Middle East throughout their lands. Massive numbers will come to know the Lord. I see a vision of huge gates called salvation and Harvest are being built in the Middle East. I see angels flying throughout the Middle East.

Copyright © 2006 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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