The Path of Revival Part Five

End Time Revival Church

Elvis Iverson
The Path of Revival Part Five
September 9, 2006

I see a vision; the glory of the Lord covers the whole earth as a cloud of grace. One huge cloud covers the world; this cloud is called revival grace. Now I see angels all over and around this cloud. I see angel’s camp upon this cloud. I see the knowledge of the Lord covers the earth; I see the knowledge of the glory of the Lord fills the Earth.

I see many coffee houses throughout the world in many cities, I see saints there day and night fellowshipping in grace, truth and love. I see glory resting upon each believer in Christ.

I see a lasting flow of signs and power of God flow like river from the hearts of believers. I see prophecy, visions, dreams flow like a river upon the believers. I see a healing, deliverance, peace and restoration flow from saints to the world.

I see restoration and healing upon the grounds of cities in many nations were believers have established a stronghold of righteousness and holiness. I see some Christians pray day and night and only taking breaks to eat and sleep, or care for their love ones. I see prophet’s prophecy all the time, prophecy in teams in center meeting places throughout the world. I see city apostles before the Lord and ministering revelation to the saints faithfully. I see these city apostles leading the city church. I see apostles speaking in such a voice of sounding that covers the whole earth. I see homes of saints with little revival fires upon them all over the world. I see the saints meeting in homes day after day in fellowship and the Word. The saints meet in homes and in city church meeting centers.

I see cities filled with great light and great glory that shines forth from the city church. I see the city church, and see center meeting place in each of these cities, people always praying, and always worshiping, always hearing prophetic watch. I see huge meeting with apostles and prophets giving sermons. I see this city church service on T.V. can be seen through a city, and even their broadcasts throughout the world. Ministry is more united, and together in this time. I see the city church ministering to their cities by feeding the poor, blessing, and the hearing of the Word. I see the church networking throughout the world in unity, vision and fellowship.

I see saints have power to lay hands and speak a blessing; I see this becomes a common practice however; it comes with power, anointing, and grace.

I hear the Kingdom of God preached, apply and lived out everyday. I see spiritual battles, great spiritual battles and great breakthroughs, and great deliverances over cities, nations, etc.

I see huge gatherings for deliverance, healing, and miracles. Great servants ministering to the masses, in signs and wonders and great signs and great wonders are seen in these meetings, and these meetings become common.

I see Holy Spirit transportation, raising the dead, and other kinds of acts of faith become common and are heard of always.

Now I see the believes in the workplace throughout the world. I see social Transformation in cities and nations everywhere I look. I see believers leading governments, and heads of many areas in society. I see Christ likeness comes to cities and governments that obey and submit to the saints. I see saints leading in business, banking, economy, media, and education, and carry major roles with great favor and honor in society. The leaders of nations will gathering and be seat at the council of apostles and prophets. The church will be filled with glory from the presence of the Lord and filled with glory from wealth, and from the church blessings, peace, favor, mercy will flow into the world.

Then I see a vision of Jesus walking in a valley, and wherever He walks life comes forth, blessings come forth, restoration come forth, and healing come forth. Wherever He steps His feet upon life comes forth. He says, “This is the field of dreams.” You have only seen a little part, follow me and you will see more. If you love me and follow me you will see more and you will enjoy all these things, most of all you will have revelation relationship and revelation fellowship with me.” I love you!

Copyright © 2006 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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