Fire by Night, Cloud by Day Revival

Fire by Night, Cloud by Day Revival

Elvis Iverson

We are in the new apostolic age of revival, not just one revival instead many revivals, and resting revival, and the dark cloud revival, and much more, revival is God’s will.

It is time for each believer, not just servants of the Lord such has apostles and prophet, instead all believers to have burning bush experiences and encounters on a personal level and the church to have on a corporate level. The Lord is rising up a company of revivalists in this hour, however the day will come that revival will go beyond revivalists, revival may begin with revivalists, God’s will is for revival to go beyond the beginning stages and come into maturity. There is also Dark Cloud revival that comes in certain areas, in Dark Cloud Revival on man can minister; we will have both revival beyond the revivalists and Dark Cloud Revival. –(Ex. 3:1-6)

We will have the pillar of fire revivals, and the pillar of cloud revivals, and we will have many movements of revival, this is the beginning day of many revivals, the Lord moves in revival, when revival comes the Lord moves forth, the Lord does not move forth without revival, and the church moves forth when there is revival, and without revival the church cannot move forth. The Lord is looking for a resting place; we will have both the visitation revivals and resting revivals. –(EX. 13:21-22, Num. 9:11)

Revival is coming as a thick cloud upon the church. Revivalists will lead us toward revival; the church will stand at the foot of revival glory. The Lord comes down in revival; the Lord visits His people through revival. When revival comes we must honor the Lord of Revival and the revival. The Lord wants every person to have revival, personal revival and the Lord wants corporate revival, and the Lord wants to move in your life without revivalists. –(Ex. 19:15-21, 20:18-21)

The Lord has sent His angel before you to prepare the way for revival and to remove the enemies of revival, and in revival the Lord will remove the enemies of darkness out of the church and out of your city. –(EX. 23:20,23)

Revival is coming in strong ways, we need to prepare our hearts for what the Lord is going to do, what is beginning to happen will increase, when revival comes we must enter into revival and learn to live in revival, this will take time, and God allow us and gives us grace to learn how to live and flow in revival. –(Ex. 24:15-18)

In revival there is rest, enter into rest when revival comes, one step in living in revival is entering into rest when revival comes, if we will learn how to practice the presence of the Lord we will learn how to live and flow in revival, for the presence of the Lord will lead us to revival and the glory of the Lord. It is time for us to establish the tabernacle of meetings in our cities where the Lord can come down in revival. The pillar of cloud will stand at the door of the tabernacle of meetings, it is when revival comes that Lord speaks through revival to the church, we are to watch revival, for when revival comes, the Lord uses revival to speak to us, the Lord speaks through revival, watch revival, when revival comes, the Lord is speaking to us through revival. –(EX. 33:7-23)

When revival comes, the Lord comes; the Lord visits His people through revival. –(Ex. 34:5-6)

When you study Exodus and Numbers, look at the words glory, cloud, fire, and change them to the word revival, then you will begin to understand the movements of revival. –(EX. 34:29-35, EX. 40:34-38, Num. 11:25, Num. 14:10-11, Num. 16:42)

Copyright © 2008 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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