The Reign of Christ

The Reign of Christ

Elvis Iverson

July 24, 2013

I see a vision of the Throne Room in the Third Heaven, I see glory, light, and fire that covers the Face of God the Father, and at the Right Hand of God, I see our Lord Jesus Christ looking at us, looking at each one of us, looking at all of us, I feel His love, His peace, His joy flowing from Him through and upon us.

I see the Rock of Christ which the revelation of who is Jesus Christ, and from this Rock the Kingdom of God begun on the earth, and through the outpourings of the Holy Spirit, the hearts of the believers, the ministry of the kings of the Kingdom, the Kingdom increase, and when the Kingdom increase and the church increase.

I see the Joel Army arise in the earth to take and possess the seven mountains of the world, I see the outpourings of the Spirit, and I see the ministry of the Seven Spirits of God, and I see the release of the seven watchers, and I see outpouring of armies of angels.

These fruits of the out flow of the increase of the Kingdom of God: The seven mountains of a city, region, state, nation is won and maintain. The city church arises in many cities, revivals, massive harvests of souls; continue signs and wonders, social reformation and social transformation.

I see a vision of 50 nations won to the church, some gently won, some won very fast, and I see these nations change over time, and the churches of these nations change over time. Then I see a huge pouring out of missionaries among many nations, and all nations, these missionaries are not just preaching missionaries but they are missionaries, then I see 50 more nations come to the Lord, and then I see another 50 nations come to the Lord.

How long will this take, the first will take longer, and then the second will take shorter, and the third will take a short time, but maturity and fruitfulness will take time.

How about Israel? I will send waves of angels upon her, I will rise up apostles and prophets, and I will rise up the apostolic church, and I will increase the harvest of souls, and I will bring unity between Jewish apostles and Prophets and Gentiles. I will rise up houses of prayer and worship in Israel, and I will bring revivals there, and I will give peace to Israel. How long will this take? Some a long time, some a short time, and some soon.

Copyright © 2013 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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