The Day of Outpouring

The Day of Outpouring

Elvis Iverson
May 3, 2008

This is the day of outpouring, this is the day of revival, and this is the beginning days of revival and revivals. This revival is a fountainhead of revivals, is revival that prepares the way for other revivals to follow. This revival is a foundation of other revivals that come, the day has come that we will go from glory to glory, revival to revival and there will never be a moment without revival.

This is revival of divine healing, a revival of signs and wonders; this is a revival of anointing, and this is a revival of the power of God.

Restoration of signs and wonders has begun; the church will be covered with signs and wonders. This is a revival of anointing that church will be covered with rivers of the anointing. This revival is a restoration of revival!

What will follow this revival will be holiness and unity. Holiness will come by grace and of the heart, and unity of love, and unity of relationship will come.

The revival will become radical and extreme a foretaste of the radical extreme revivals that are coming. The Starters will not be able to content the revival, a group of leaders will arise with revival anointing, and revivals fires will spread to other cities and places, and become radical and extreme, however, it is not revivalists who will be able to content the revival instead it will be the community of believers. Revival Revelation and revival teaching will be birth from hearts of leaders, and plant the seeds of revival in the hearts of many, and open the hearts of many for revival.

The Holy Spirit says the restoration of oil, restoration of fire, the restoration of wind, restoration of water, and restoration of wine is still coming, these revivals are still come, the restoration of the glory of the Lord is still coming, however, this revival is to prepare and break up the foundations of the fountains of revival!

The Holy Spirit says revival will come, massive revivals will come, lasting revivals will come, extreme revivals will come, resting revivals will come, and the revival life. The life of the church will be revival, the life of the believer will be revival, and the church will never again be without revival, for the Will of the Lord is for the church to always have revival!

The Holy Spirit says, not one revival, instead many revivals, there will not be just one, instead many, and then upon many revivals, for the church shall be filled with revivals, and revivals will overflow unto cities and nations around the church, and the church will always be filled and full and overflowing with revivals!

The Holy Spirit says, the degree of reformation is the degree of revival; this reformation will lay the foundation for lasting revivals, for many revivals, for massive revivals, for resting revivals, and the revival life!

The Holy Spirit says, this reformation is the reformation of the whole church, this is the reformation of the whole history of the church, this is a massive reformation, this is the great reformation, and this is the Third Reformation of the Church, which is called the New Apostolic Reformation!

The Holy Spirit says, reformation, revival, social transformation, and harvest will come, massive great reformation, many massive lasting revivals will come, many massive social transformations come, many massive great lasting harvests will come, and this day of reformation, this the day of revival, this is the day of social transformation and this is the day of harvest!

The Lord will give revelation of the wineskins of revival that will content and release the overflowing of revival, and this comes through reformation. New wineskins for revival, glory, gifts of the Spirit, believer’s ministry, and unity. It is not just reformation, it is reformation + revival, it is not just reformation it is reformation + harvest, Reformation + revival = social transformation, social transformation = harvest and revival, revival = social transformation, for reformation, revival, social transformation and harvest comes together as a banner of worship.

The Holy Spirit says, revival will come to every city, to every nation, and to every place, revival will come to every people group, and revival will come to every believer!

Copyright © 2008 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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