Without Vision and Revelation

Without Vision and Revelation

Elvis Iverson


Where there is no vision, the people perish; but he that keepeth the law, happy is he. We need vision for our life, we need vision for our city, we need vision for our nation, we need vision for our church, and we need vision for the church. –(Prov. 29:18)

It says without vision the people perish in addition, the Word says my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for me; because you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children. –(Hos. 4:6)

First of all no man can keep the law, but in Christ the Law is kept. If you are in Christ then the Law is fulfilled. We are to apply the Word in our lives and enjoy and love the Word, but to do it in grace.

In First Samuel 3:1 says there was no widespread revelation, meaning today we see no widespread of the teaching of the Word and the prophetic Word. We need both!

We need Word Revelation, Prophetic Revelation, Revelation of Power, and revelation of destiny, vision for life, and vision for the congregation, Vision for the Church.

1.Word Revelation: As we study the Bible, God’s Word, the Bible is the Word of God, we are to pray for insight and for the Holy Spirit to teach us, in addition we need apostles, prophets and teachers to preach and teach with Word Revelation.

2.Prophetic Revelation: We need apostles and prophets, we need mature office prophets to guide the church with prophetic revelation, and we need to hear what the Spirit is saying through the apostles to the church, and the Church needs to hear and to flow in prophetic revelation, and you as a believer need to flow both in Word Revelation and Prophetic Revelation. All prophetic revelation must line up with the Word of God and the nature of Christ.

3.Revelation OF DESTINY: We need revelation from the Word and then from the prophetic for the prophetic come from the Word, revelation of destiny for the Body of Christ, and for your life.

4.Revelation of Power: The revelation of power is not just teaching on the gifts of the Spirit and the power of God, it is the manifestation of power, a revelation of demonstration of the Holy Spirit and power.

5.Vision for Life: First of all we need purpose for our life, and then we need a vision for our life. Is your vision to have fruitful business, etc? Pray for vision!

6.Revelation of the Will of God: First of all we know the will of God through knowing the Word of God, but when it comes to personally knowing the will of God for our life, as long as you remain in the love of God, and loving one another you are in the will of God, etc.

7.Vision for your congregation: We need a set visionary, who is the set man, who is the set apostle, that leads with unity the elders of the congregation. God gives the vision of the congregation to the set apostle, to cast vision to the congregation.

8.Vision for the Church: The church needs set visionaries who cast visions for the church from decade to decade, from generation to generation.

Copyright © 2009 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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