The Path of Revival Part Two

The Glory of the City Church

Elvis Iverson
The Path of Revival Part Two
September 2, 2006

I see a vision before me, a vision of a great door. The name of this door is revelation relationship. All who are born of the Spirit must pass through this door, anything that is called church outside of this door will no longer be in the Kingdom of God, instead will be cast out and burn up. This who enter into the great door, we come to a new beginning of relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord. A beginning of revelation relationship with the Lord; enter into the rest of revelation relationship.

The Lord stands at this door, for He is also the door. At this door you pass under His rod and enter intro revelation relationship with Him. Those churches that remain outside will fall apart, and His people will be free to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit saying come to this great door. I see angels going forth from this Great Door, these angels are called eyes of the heart angels, they are to anointed the eyes, ears, hearts, and minds of the people of the Lord, they carry a cleaning bowl of seeing and hearing anointing.

Those who don’t see and hear, The Lord will judge and their light will be remove, that they might be humble and call out to the Lord of Truth and the Spirit of Truth. Those who see and hear will be giving more light.

Those who enter the Great Door will grow, increase and multiply and become mighty and great people in the earth. There are the fellowship and company of revelation relationship. However, the Lord in His love will send the fire of chastening upon those who are outside of the great door. Those who have entered the Lord in His love will send the fire of glory upon them.

I see angels flying around the world; these angels are full of light, full of glory light, and this light shines from them to their right, left, back, and font. The light from them goes north, south, east and west. These are revelation angels, and they will fill the bowls of relationship with revelation.

Now I see this great door again, I see it is a gate to a city, and this city is called the city church. And from this city grows the Kingdom of God throughout the world in all nations and cities. I see 12 gates around the city. Revelation relationship is the great door. This is the door where the Lord stands guard. The Lord Himself stands guard over this city.

1. First Gate is called Revelation Relationship.
2. Second Gate is called Sozo Salvation.
3. Third Gate is called Revival.
4. Forth Gate is called Reformation.
5. Fifth Gate of called Social Transformation.
6. Sixth Gate is called Power of God.
7. Seventh Gate is called Wealth.
8. Eight Gate of the Gate of the Marketplace Ministers.
9. Nine Gate is called the Gate of the Prophets
10. Tenth Gate is Called Mercy.
11. Eleventh Gate is called Harvest.
12. Twelve is called the Gates of the Apostles.

The Lord will focuses more on the city church, the city church will become the center of things, and He will continue to promote the city church. He will build His house, which is the City Church.

Habitational Revivals will come to the cities around the world through the city church. Habitational revival will be restored in the church; habitational revival is the resting glory of the Lord upon the city church within a city. Social Transformation will come too many cites around the world through the apostles and the city church.

The City Church will be more focused upon and promoted throughout the body of Christ, then the regional church, then the national church and then the global church, although the church will be built around the city church, regional church, national church and the global church; this is the Wisdom of God.

Copyright © 2006 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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