The Coming Visions of Unity

The Coming Visions of Unity

Elvis Iverson
March 1, 2007

The Holy Spirit is saying come up here to the great mountain of the Kingdom, and to the City of God, which is the Church. Can you see the two angels or more, with huge long swords moving in all areas from the north, south, east and west, these are the angels that stand guard day and night at the gates of the city of God.

The Holy Spirit said to the angles let them pass, and we entered into the city. Can you see the Holy Spirit? He is a mighty great wind and mighty great fire. Wow what a vision!

We enter into the city of God, and enter into the realm of visions, revelations, encounters of the God. Can you see Paul the apostle? He says it is time for the church to enter into the realm of visions, revelations and encounters, and never to leave again, faith for the supernatural in the Holy Spirit; you will live in both realms and never be without this realm. This realm is protected by those angels are the gate of the city of God.

The Holy Spirit comes before us in a form of a man of light, fire, glory, and water and wind altogether. He says; “I have brought you here to see that church, will have this realm and never to be without it. Then we see a river pass by, that had a beginning and an end, and it is like this river is a living being. The Holy Spirit says that is only one of the rivers that been release, and that is an angel. Some things are manifested in the earth as a river, etc, this angel river begin to wrap around us a few times to form a new environment around us.

Then the Holy Spirit says now I want to show you the visions of unity for the church.

I could see unity come upon a church of a nation. Unity begun to arise, I see apostles united in vision and revival. I see city church networks and city church centers, and the glory and fire visiting, and resting. There seem no end to the moves of God, revivals, outpourings of the Holy Spirit, and church growth.

Now I see unity coming upon a church of a nation. Certain groups or movements begin to have their eyes open, new leadership came forth, and vision. Unity came as a fire in the night. New freedom came for believers in this nation. I see within certain cities Christians from certain groups and others Christians walking, crying, praying, and singing, and at certain gathering points in a city where servants ministering and teachings, this whole thing was a feast of celebration that will happen every year, it is a celebration of freedom of the church. Then in each of these cities were centers of prayer and worship, and around these centers throughout the city were huge churches.

Now I see unity coming upon a group of national churches, sample faith, along with revival came forth and unity came to every place in these nations. The banners that I see were all banners of common bond and a new birth of church and wineskins came forth, however from this sample faith and revival came holy changes and radical, supernatural wineskins with new wines.

Now I see unity coming upon a group of national churches in nations. I see reformation, deliverance, the removing of barriers and walls; the face of the church change in these nations; then I seen flags of unity fly all over these nations, and I see liquid revival fill these nations and national churches.

Now I see unity coming upon another group of churches of nations, I see massive changes to the governments of these nations, it’s like they never seen it coming. Massive souls being brought to the Lord all over, huge meetings with signs and wonders, huge churches growing and coming forth like in a few moments of time. I see huge gatherings in center places within these cities. I see city church apostles lead with grace and freedom. Revivals all over the places, it looks very out of the order, those not under the Spirit could not understand.

Now I see unity coming upon a church of a nation; I see the city church grows very huge and huge center built for the purpose of the city church. Huge numbers are saved, most the city is saved, and revival seems to never end, revival-overwhelming most of the time. There are many huge churches in this city.

Now I see unity coming upon a church of nation; revival falls upon this nation like rain. Revival has freedom to rain and reign. New churches are birth. Huge worship meetings, believers in cities gather in unity, apostolic leaders lead in grace and vision. It seem there was never any division in the church.

The Holy Spirit says therefore these visions are in future, and in your hearts, be blessed, for blessings will flow from these visions in your life, grace will flow, supernatural power will flow, breakthroughs will flow in your life.

An angel of warning stands before me, saying those who hear the revelation in another city will prosper, those who do not will not prosper, there prosperity will be taking away from them, and giving to those who hear, and those who hear will increase, and those who don’t hear will decrease, and be no more.

Copyright © 2007 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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