Revival Seasons and Revival Times and Revivals without End

Revival Seasons and Revival Times and Revivals without End

Elvis Iverson

There are seasons and times of revival, we must learn to see these seasons and times of revival and the leading of the Lord in those seasons and times, this is why we must hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to the church through apostles and prophets. –(Eccl. 3:1, Eccl. 8:5-6, Eccl. 2:26, Dan. 7:25)

Revelation 22:2 is not just for the future it is for all the time of the church, healing of the nations, meaning revival, there are times of the healing of the nations, there are times of revivals of the nations, the leaves are for healing of the nations, and fruits are blessings of the believers. We are to have seasons of revivals without an end, season after season, glory after glory, and revivals after revival.

There are seven feasts of the Lord, revival flows in the times of the feasts, revivals are connected to the feasts, this is why we must understand them, there are three main feasts out of the seven, and third main feast is the feast of Tabernacles, which is the feast of revivals, the Lord wants the church to have revival every year, never to have a year without revival. –(Ex. 23:14-19, Lev. 23:33-44)

In Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 you can see the seasons and times of revival: a time to be born, a time to plant, a time to heal, a time to build up, a time to laugh, a time to dance, a time to gather stones, to embrace, to gain, to keep, to sew, to speak, to love, and a time of peace. Revival is also the others times lists here, etc.

The Church is the Bride of Christ, the City of God, the city of revivals, the Lord will fill the church full of revivals, and we are to come together we are to hear the Call of Revelation 4:1 and 22:17 for they are same calling of the Spirit. –(Rev. 2,9,22:17)

From Revelation 21:11-21 we see a prophetic vision of revival for the church. A most precious stone which is Jasper, Jasper revival is coming, Gates of peals, there will be revivals at the gate, pearl and a gold reed are symbols of revelation, you need the revelation of revival to enter into the coming revivals, and the gate revivals. Apostles are going to be leaders of these coming revivals; these revivals will begin with apostles, for apostles and prophets are revival ministry to the church. The Lord uses angels to bring revival, there are angels of revival, and then there is angelic revival too. Walls of Jasper, there will be revival at the wall, a city of pure gold, a city of revival and revelation, and the precious stones revivals are coming, these are the great fountain deep revivals that open up soon in the future.

Jasper Revival
Sapphire Revival
Chalcedony Revival
Emerald Revival
Sardonyx Revival
Sardius Revival
Chrysolite Revival
Beryl Revival
Topaz Revival
Chrysoprase Revival
Jacinth Revival
Amethyst Revival

A gold reed, you need the revelation of revival to receive these coming revivals, a pearl, you need a revelation to enter into revival. –(Rev. 21:15,21)

Revelation 21:22-23,24,25,26 the Lord does not just want us to have seasons and times of revival, He wants and wills the church to have revival, revivals, many revivals, resting revival always. The Lord will rise up the church as the city of God in every city and in every nation, and from the city of God will flow revival to the cities and nations around the world, and nations will give honor, wealth to the church and praise and glory to the Lord.

Revelation 22:1-5 is the city of God, which is the church and from the Throne and the Church in the City of God in your city will flow revivals that will heal your city and nation.

The will of Christ is for the Church never to be without revivals, we will have many revivals, lasting revivals, visitation revivals, habitational revivals, and the revival life. –(Acts 2:17-18)

Open your heart, the Lord has already open the Lord to revival, come up here to the Throne Room by the Blood of Christ where revival is beginning, it is time for Throne Room Encounter, Throne Room Revival, and Revival Encounter. –(Rev. 4:1)

The Church is called and shall become a glorious church, a church full of glory, a church full of revivals; this is a major part of the end time church, and the end times. –(Eph. 5:26-27,22-33)

First revivals will fill the church, then once when the church is full of revivals overflow upon all cities and all nations around the world, then the earth will fill with the glory of the Lord, fill with revivals, God’s will is for the Church is to be full of revivals and the earth to be full of revivals. –(Isa. 11:9, Hab. 2:14, Rev. 21:24-26, 22:2, Ezek. 47:1-12, Isa. 60:3, 5,10,11,16, 19-22)

Isaiah 60:19-22, The church is the city of God, the church shall arise as the city of God in many cities and many nations, all cities and all nations, The Lord is building the house of revivals in every city, He is building a dwelling place for revival, this is the key for lasting revivals and resting revivals.

Copyright © 2008 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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