The House of Apostles Doctrine

The House of Apostles Doctrine

Elvis Iverson

July 24, 2013

I see angels coming down from the Third Heaven, I see a prophet prophesy many prophetic words and upon these words the angels went to work day and night they worked, as they worked they sing song and worship the Most High God.

I see an apostle who builds with the words of his mouth, and from his mouth came supernatural hands that craft the will of God, the work of God, the ministry of the Word, and the ministry of the apostles and the prophets.

I see a vision of a house arising in the earth. I see the angels building this house, I see the first room is prayer and worship and soaking. The second room is soaking presence and revival. The third room is training the Five-Fold Ministry. The fourth room is the children ministry. The fifth room is the gathering of apostles and prophets. The sixth room is missions and outreach. The seventh room is the meetings of Word and Spirit. The eighth room is the publication of the Word and the Spirit. The nine rooms are the ministry of home churches. The tenth room is youth ministry. The eleventh room is prophetic ministry. The twelfth is apostolic ministry. The thirteenth is marketplace church. The fourth room is the ministry to the masses.

I see from this house networks of the Spirit is birth throughout the earth, and I see an outpouring of home churches in each of these nations. I see those called to the ministry of the apostle, prophet, teacher come from around the earth to be taught and listen and train. I see many believers coming from around America and from many nations to hear and soak in the Presence of God. I see many church leaders, believers, apostles and prophets come and visit and receive.

I see the beginnings of this house, and I see the increase of this house; the first increase is 1000’s the second increase over 10.000’s and the third increase is over 50.000’s

I see a cloud in the Third Heaven come and rest upon this house and rest and seated upon this house and hearts of its people and those who come apart of the grace of this house and those who visit shall be touch by God.

I see rivers of the Spirit flow from this house unto the church and the nations, I see angels flow from the Third Heaven and flow with these rivers of the Spirit, and I see a huge open heaven over this house that no one can close. I see a door in the Third Heaven open to this house that no one can close; I see open doors and open gates to the church and the nations that no one can close. I see angels standing guard around and over this house, and I see the angel of this house standing watch over this house. His name is Emmaus an angel of revelation, signs and wonders, soaking presence, revival, harvest, favor, and wealth. He is ten times bigger than any man on earth. He carries sword, an ax, a hummer, a shield, a spear, and a bow. He speaks in angelic tongues at 5am every day, and at the beginning of the watch hours.

Then I see some other angels; the first is an angel of revelation, the second is an angel of healing, the third is an angel of revival, the fourth is an angel of wealth and favor, the fifth is an angel of apostolic, signs of the apostles. The sixth is an angel of signs and wonders. The seventh is an angel of harvest. The eight of an angel of the bliss gifts of God. The ninth is an angel of the gifts of the Spirit. The tenth is an angel of the deep prophetic. The eleventh is angel of peace, joy, rest, soaking presence, holy drunkenness, and love. The twelfth is angel of masses, mass meetings, publication, and mass publication. These angels went to and fro from this house to the four corners of the earth and back every week. Then I look outside of this house I see a fort and a camp of angels standing by and watching over this house.

This is the house of apostles, house of prophets, house of fathers, house of wine and fire, and a house of the meat of the Word and Spirit.

Copyright © 2013 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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