The History and Future of Revival

The History and Future of Revival

Elvis Iverson

We are coming to an outpouring of many revivals, and the restoration of this has already begun. With these outpourings of revivals will be an outpouring of signs, wonders, and gifts of the Spirit, with these outpourings will be an outpouring of prophecy, visions, and dreams, and an outpouring of angelic hosts. –(Acts 2:17-18)

Throughout history The Holy spirit’s has pour out in every generation, now we are coming to a time of the restoration of many generation, a revival of many generations.

We have entered into the beginning days that the church will never again be without revival, ever again are without revivals.

There are many revivals coming, and from those revivals will come many more revivals and upon those revivals will come much more revivals.

We have already entered into the restoration of revival; this is the preparation revival of all revivals that are coming. –(Acts 3:19-21)

Apostles and Prophets are laying the foundations for reformation, and reformation is laying the foundations for revival. –(Eph. 2:20)

The application of revival is being written before our eyes, the Holy Spirit is opening our ears and the application for revival is be written upon our hearts. The application of revival is found in Ephesians 2:19-22, this is the application of revival!!

First the will of the Lord is to fill the church full of glory and revivals, revivals will first come to the church, then overflow from the church to cities and nations around the world, and then fill the earth full of glory and revivals, and this is the will of God. –(Eph. 5:27, Num. 14:11)

The revivals of the past will not even be of like matter of what is going to happen. Yes study revival and be open to new things. You cannot teach revival based upon past revivals. You can only teach revival upon revelation of new things. –(Isa. 43:18-19, 42:9)

The Capstone Revival is the revival of restoration of revival and preparation revival, we need to receive and seek to understand the heart of revival. –(Zech. 4)

The coming revivals are the revivals based upon Revelation 21, 22. Ezek. 40, Isa. 40, Rev. 4:1 Ezek. 1)

Every believer needs the revelation of revival, and we need the revelation of revival for the church, those who hear and receive the revelation of revival shall be open to receive the coming revivals!!!

Copyright © 2008 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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