The Coming river of Anointing

The Coming river of Anointing

Elvis Iverson
February 11, 2007

The anointing that is coming will be a great imparted upon our lives. The fountain of this coming anointing is the Throne Room in your heart. A Few drops of this anointing is will change your life, a few drops of this anointing will bring your prayers to pass, a few drops of this anointing will fulfill the prophetic words in your life, a few drops of this anointing will change your ministry, and a few drops of this anointing will make your ministry successful, and will make your business successful.

The Holy Spirit will come upon the massive numbers who will gather at the fountain of this anointing, drops of this anointing will come upon many, most or all who are gathered. They will be healed, they will be set free, they will have breakthroughs, they will have doors opened to them, their love ones will be changes and their lives will be change.

The Holy Spirit is calling massive numbers, the ministry of the masses is being release in great grace and great favor and there be great protection and there will come a gift of intense presence of God, this is a grace and mercy from God.

The gift of the intense presence of God is being release upon the church in this hour and season of grace. You can have this gift on a personal level and a congregation can have this gift too. However this gift is for the city church and the church around the world, and this gift is for the masses in Christ.

The coming anointing will come as a river from the Throne in your heart and in the Third heaven. One drop of this anointing will save many, will save great numbers, will change a city, and could change a nation, one drop of this anointing can heal any sickness, and set any one free from any demon.

Right now taste of this anointing by faith and through the Holy Spirit, let your lives be change, and let your eyes and ears be open, those who are sick be healed in Jesus name, those whom are being attacked by demons be set free, and let breakthroughs come in your life. This coming anointing is a grace and a mercy from the Lord.

Copyright © 2007 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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