The Year 2012

The Year 2012

Elvis Iverson

Some mislead people think the end of world or something like it, or a great destruction will come upon the world in 2012. It is time for us to stop being false prophets, flowing in evil rivers of fear and lies, this goes for all those false prophecies, and false beliefs of doom and groom. It is time to hear the Truth! In this article I will give hope and truth!

The Bible talks about not just one tribulation, instead many tribulations that we must go through to enter into the Kingdom of God. The Great Tribulation already happen, but there is other tribulations that we will go through. The Bible talks about the shaking of all nations, I believe we are going through a time of shaking to make room for the Kingdom of God, and restoration. –(Acts 14:22, Heb. 12:25-29)

However, we are not to be shaken in mind, or trouble in spirit, or trouble by word or letter. This is why we must hear the truth, and have hope and to not fear about the future. For the will of God is for you to have a future and a hope. –(2 Thess. 2:2, Jer. 29:11)

We must walk in faith now, and have hope for our future; through faith and patience we shall inherit the promises of God. This is why we need to have vision of faith and hope for now and the future; we should try to be visionaries of faith and hope for today, tomorrow, the future and the end times, and even beyond. –(Heb. 11:1, 6:12)

The Bible says the times of the restoration of all things; we need to have vision of restoration. Restoration of all things will come first to the church, then to cities and nations and whole earth, and Israel, and all things. –(Acts 3:19-21)

The eternal purpose of God is the Church. The Church shall come into the unity of the faith, the church shall become a glorious church, full of glory, and the church shall mature and become a mature church. The church shall increase throughout the earth. And the Kingdom of God will always increase and the peace of the Kingdom shall always increase. The Kingdom of God shall fill the whole earth. The Church is the City of God, and built upon the Kingdom of God. The Church shall arise in all cities as the city of God. The Church is the eternal purpose of God and is preserved through all things, this means all the believers, the church is eternal and the church will live on through all times. God will take care of His Church and His people through all times. The Apostles and the Prophets will also be use to preserved the church and bring the church through all times. –(Eph. 3:11, Isa. 9:6-7, Matt. 5:13-16, Hos. 12:13)

Yes we are to always prepare for hard times, but we are not to fear, for the church is not apart of the world, and the earth is under the Lord, and the world will have suffering, etc, but not the church, yes we may have a little, but we have grace, we will be the ministers of peace, hope and restoration in those times.

You need to see more prophetic words about America, God has a plan for America, it is not doom, and instead it is blessing, wealth, and peace.

God has a plan for all cities and all nations around the world, it is restoration, healing, and glory.

We need to read prophecy and hear prophecy that is of good report and that lines up with the Word of God. Visit our web sites to read healthy teaching and healthy prophecy.

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