The New Apostolic Age of Revival

The New Apostolic Age of Revival

Elvis Iverson

This is the second apostolic age of the church; the first was in the book of Acts, the new apostolic age will even be greater then the first. This is why we must understand the ministry of the apostle, for apostles was the first to follow Christ, and the apostles were the first leaders of the church. –(Matt. 4:19)

We have already enter into the next reformation of the church, this is the New Apostolic Reformation, it is also called the Third Reformation of the Church, apostles and prophets will lay the foundations for reformation, and reformation will lay the foundations for revival, many revivals, lasting revivals, and the revival life. –(Heb. 9:10)

One word the Holy Spirit spoke to me that this is the New Apostolic Age of Revival, we have enter into a new time of revival, a new age of many revivals, there is not going to be one movement, instead many movements of the Holy Spirit, and there is not going to be just one revival, instead there will be many revivals. There is coming an outpouring of many revivals, and this outpouring has already begun. –(Zech. 10:1)

The Capstone Revival is a restoration of revival, and it to prepare the way for other revivals. –(Zech. 4)

The Will of the Father is for the Church to always have revival, and never to be without revival never again. There will be revival there, and here, before one revival comes to an end another will begin, one revival will lead to another revival, there will come a time that there will be revival everywhere. –(Acts 2:17-18)

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