The Future of India

The Future of India

Elvis Iverson

July 24, 2013

I see a vision of northern India, I see an army of angels warring for many years, and many generations until the breakthrough came, then I see anointing flow from the Throne Room in the Third Heaven upon Northern India, and I see many angels flow with this anointing.

I begin to see small changes that lead to big changes that lead to great changes. I see an outpouring of home churches and apostles, prophets, signs and wonders.

I see a river of souls coming into these home churches, I see great numbers being saved and flowing as a river into these home churches.

I hear the apostles teach and flow in signs and wonders, I hear the prophets teach and flow in signs and wonders, I see huge meetings that go beyond weeks, and I see the cloud of the Spirit over these meetings.

These I see a river of water come from the Throne of God upon India, I see life, healing, restoration, joy, and happiness.

I see a river of wine flow from the Throne of God upon India, and I see revivals all over India.

I see the new apostolic wineskins arise in anointing, signs, wonders, teaching, peace, and joy.

I see in southern India many souls, many souls, many souls come to the Lord, and I see a great number of home churches.

I see the oil, the water and wine flow throughout India and the church of India. Then I hear someone say is this the revival that you prophesy, not that great revival is still coming, this is the kiss of God.

I see a city in India where there will be meetings that will happen every year; there will be Word Revelation prophetic revelation, signs and wonders, holy drunkenness, apostles doctrine, impartation, and plantation. Many angels will minister in these meetings. Then someone ask what are these meetings, I say the Word and the Spirit meetings.

Copyright © 2013 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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