The Coming Spiritual Hunger

The Coming Spiritual Hunger

Elvis Iverson
February 3, 2007

The seeds are being planted throughout the church around the world. Revelation is flowing and the meat of God word is being prepared as a feast of apostolic and prophetic revelation.

There is coming a deep and great spiritual hunger in the hearts of believers all over the world. Many will come, many will gather, many will follow the rivers of revelation flowing from the Throne Room through our hearts. This gathering will bring a harvest of the lost around the outpouring of the Spirit that is about to coming upon many.

An increase of blessing, grace, anointing, signs and wonders, unity and favor will come from this gathering of spiritual hunger. Spiritual hunger and spiritual thirst will be birth in the hearts of many, and that birthing has come and is upon us.

Signs, wonders, prayer, worship, prophetic, revelation, vision, and blessings will be joined to unity. Unity will come from the hearts of many believers as they again become full of love, passionate love for Christ.

A grace is coming upon us who are faithful, a grace to enter, a grace to move forth, a grace to apply the blessings and manifestations, workings and movements of the Spirit. Doors and gates will open, opportunities will come, the means and ways, the favors of the Lord, and promotes of the Lord, they will come as grace, favor, blessing, anointing, from the Lord, the only thing we must do is come into unity with the Lord. Unity with the Lord means opportunities, and unity with the Lord means community with the saints.

Copyright © 2007 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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