Great Grace and Great Power Part Four

Great Grace and Great Power Part Four

Elvis Iverson
July 14, 2006

The presence of the Lord is gathering over certain areas to become places of divine release. We have already enter in the days of the many moves of God, a greater manifestation of the Gifts of the Spirit will come upon the church. The outpouring of the Spirit will build and build and it will be greater then all other days in history before this time.

The Apostles of Great Grace and Great Power are about to arise in the earth. There has been much planning for their coming. From the great grace and great power will come great fear upon the church, and the regions with such a manifestation of grace and power of the Spirit!

In addition, great increases will come among the new churches birth from the apostolic grace. The Apostolic Church will become the largest company of believers and of faith, and of any kind of gathering of believers. And throughout the Christian faith, the Apostolic Church will be Ranked Number One in the eyes of the world.

Although the Apostolic Church will becomes the Great Church throughout the past history of the Church, The church will walk in humility, not like other moves of God throughout history.

Moreover, among the religions around the world. The Apostolic Church will be greater in numbers. Certain world religious will fall under the power of God, this will lead to all of them falling under the power of God in time.

Within Christianity many Christian Groups will decrease and become little and little, and a more united Church will arise from the Apostolic Church; The Apostolic Church will grow in unity, revelation, and compassion of good works and good deeds.

The fires of reformation will fall everywhere throughout the church around the world. Many Churches and many Christian Groups will be burn up, and many new churches will be birth along with Networks, etc. There will be a Holy Oneness among them.

The Church in the workplace will become more, and more influencing and then will come divine changes from heaven to the cities and nations that come through the hearts of believers in the workplace. There will be strong unity and strong relationship between the banners of the marketplace church. You will see no divisions among the church in the workplace, there will be waves of the Spirit, and movements of the Lord in the church in the workplace, but none will break apart instead grow together even more, adding to the church in the workplace.

Workplace Apostle will begin to arise more and more, giving leadership and oversight over the church in the workplace, and bridging the gap between the nuclear church and the extended church.

To the apostles there will be a restoration of the signs of an apostle. Many leading apostles will be on their knees in prayer more then doing administrations, instead, younger apostle will assist in the administration parts of a network, etc. the leading apostles will only do very little administration, since the Holy Spirit will be aiding them, so it would not take long, it is not that they will not do administration they will, instead for the reason of Holy Spirit aiding them with wisdom they will get the task done faster.

The apostles will be busy ministering in the signs of an apostle, in apostolic doctrine, which is preaching and teaching; fathering and mentoring many ministers, and equipping the believers for the work of the ministry, and doing the works of an apostle, etc.

Grace, grace will be upon the apostles from Christ the Head of the Church and Chief apostle; they will become very fruitful, and then their fruit that they bear will even become even more fruitful. Then they will be so most fruit and it could overtake them, this is why they will pray for wisdom, in handing the fruits.

The saints will begin to move forth, for they will walk in the signs that shall follow them. They will walk in revelation, prophecy, visions and dreams. They will walk in the gifts of the Spirit; The Churches that are for the move of Spirit in the believer’s life will grow and grow. The Churches that build around Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Gifts of the Spirit, the ministers of Christ, and the believer’s ministries will grow and grow.

Josephs will come forth in works and deeds of compassion; they will be greater then the compassion ministries and groups we see today. Daniels will begin to arise in government functions in giving council to governments, Christian Government leaders will begin to step forth being led by the Holy Spirit, opening the doors and coming into pubic offices. Ministers of Finance will begin to arise the church aiding in finances, wealth, resources, and opportunities. Apostles of Finances will arise to walk boldly in wealth, and grace for wealth and finances. Workplace Apostles will arise and grow into true generals of the Spirit for the church in the workplace. Many Wealthy Christians will be birth aiding the movement and ministries of the Spirit.

There will be a harvest of wealthy people, noble people and persons of influence; The Gospel will touch all classes of Society, and reach all areas of influence.

Leaders of Reformation will be established, teaching the Church with fire and power of the Holy Spirit. Leaders of Revival will begin to step into their ministries of revival. The Body Ministry of Reformation will be established, and the Body Ministry of Revival will be established.

Apostles of Great Grace and Great Power will be rising up within this hour. They will give witness to the power of God among the church and the world. This great grace will come upon the church in relationship with them. There will come community of one heart and one soul from their ministry of Word and of Spirit. Multitudes will gathering in their fellowship. River of finances, wealth, and resources will flow into their ministries of grace and power. Multitudes, massive numbers and great numbers will come to know the Lord; hearts will run to their meetings, and the hearts of many open to Jesus is Lord, Jesus is Real. The hearts of the masses will be cut to the heart through their preaching and teaching. Their community will be steadfastly in the apostolic doctrine, and fellowship, breaking of bread, and prayer. Fear will come upon every soul in the regions and the influences of their ministries, many wonders and signs will be done through the apostles of great grace and great power. There will continuing daily, and one accord, from their community to house to house.

Furthermore, this will just be a greater beginning, a beginning of an opening to the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit that will flow like grace and mercy upon the church.

Copyright © 2006 S.I.M. All Rights Reserved

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