Theology of Revival

Theology of Revival

Elvis Iverson

We need a revelation of revival to enter into the coming revivals. So much of revivals in the past yes they have giving us faith for revival, but will not be anything like the revivals that are coming, those times in the past were pre-new apostolic age of revival days, one word the Holy Spirit give me is the new apostolic age of revival. –(Acts 2:17-18)

The teachings and the past theology of revival are incomplete, is only a part of the council of God on revival, today we will have a much more in depth revelation of revival. This revelation of revival is coming will revalorize revival teaching. –(1 Cor. 2:4-5,9-10,13)

We need the revelation of revival. Then we need new wineskins that can contain, flow, apply, and overflow revival. The old wineskins cannot hold the coming revivals. The new wineskins new wines, if there are new wineskins with new wines, there will come the wines of revival. –(LK. 5:36-39, Acts 2:13)

There is the oil of revival, there is the fire of revival, there is the wind of revival, there is the water of revival, and then there is the wine of revival. The oil of revival brings anointing for all revivals, the fire of revival brings the cleansing of revival, the wind of revival carries revival to other places, is the movement of revival, the water of revival is the healing and restoration of revival, and the wine of revival is the communion and fellowship of revival, and the beginning of fullness of revival. –(Acts 2:2,3,13)

There is revivals that come on the corporate level, these are revivals for the whole, these revivals are corporate revivals, then there is personal revival, and every believer is to have personal revival, the life of the church will be revival, and the life of the believer will be revival. –(Psa. 133, Isa. 6:1-8)

This is a short article, introduction to the theology of revival, the revelation of revival, more are to follow. During the article called what is revival, an angel stood behind me, and during this article I seen a vision of our Lord Jesus covered with fire, and He said to me, He is setting the church free from demons that are against revival. Some of them are unbelief, fear, religion, witchcraft, and pride, I believe right now the Lord is setting you free from these demons that are against revival in your life, and church, receive by grace deliverance, and let revival fire come now. –(LK. 24:32, MK. 16:14, LK. 24:45)

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