Great Grace and Great Power Part One

Great Grace and Great Power Part One

Elvis Iverson
June 23, 2006

In these days the face of Christianity will change. I am moving faster then the speed of light, through your prayers. Yes you have been going through times of deep patience; these are to prepare you for the ministry of signs and wonders.

I will bring an end to the famine of power; no more my church will walk in the spirit of cessationism. I will remove this spirit from its roots and I will destroy unbelief of my people. I will give the church in these days the keys to unlock my power to pour forth in signs and wonders. I will establish the signs and wonders churches and I will establish ministers of signs and wonders in the workplace.

All believers in Christ will walk in supernatural signs in healing, miracles, deliverance, and the gifts of the Spirit. Every believer will move in the gifts of the Spirit, no city will lack any spiritual gift.

Prophecy, visions, and dreams will be the lifeline of my people. Holy Spirit Transportation will become common among my servants. Raising the dead will be happening all the time in many nations and many cities.

I see apostles in waiting; yes they are full credited apostles waiting on me. They have been going through waiting and patience. Much revelation they live in. They have been through much suffering for their purpose and calling. Yet they are overlooked, it seem their call is hidden, yet they have seen only little fruit or no fruit. They have been tested if they will believe in God.

Soon they come forth in great grace and great power. I will give them great grace and great power, and from them this great grace and great power will flow upon the other apostles and the rest of the church.

Revelation will pour like a mighty river upon my people, prophecy, visions and dreams will be poured out upon my church, and then signs and wonders will come as a mighty outpouring among the many believers.

The Churches of signs and wonders will grow and grow, increase and increase. The nameless leaders will arise to lead the church in great grace and great power. These churches will grow very fast and new companies of churches will be birth over night. The workplace will have revival after revival, move after move of God. The work of ministry will be the work of workplace believer.

Great wealth will flow into the body of Christ around the world. These rivers of wealth and resources will flow ongoing rising up many wealthy churches, wealthy believers and we will see the rise of the marketplace apostles connecting the wealth to the purposes of God.

The Holy Spirit will move in poor nations, and the Lord will birth some of the greatest churches in history. Communities and companies of wealthy believers will be birth, leading the believers into this kind of favor and grace. They will lead their nations to restoration of blessings.

At the same time new world-renowned ministers will arise with signs and wonders leading massive numbers to Christ on a global level. Christian TV and Radio and all forms will change and new ministers will arise teaching and preaching the Mind of Christ and Heart of the Father.

The workplace, the marketplace and the kingdoms of man will bring to change. Revival and transformation will begin to flow like rain and water upon the mountains of culture. Supernatural floods of new ideals will flood the workplace believers leading the societies, communities, and nations.

Copyright © 2006 S.I.M. All Rights Reserved

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